Monday, July 11, 2011

Essence Nail art twins

I finally got my hands on the beautiful Essence Nail Art twins Thanks to Tammy from Gettin' Girlie so I couldn't wait to swatch them! The Essence Nail Art twin have the best names they are names of couples one is a creme polish and the other is a glitter topper to match. I love everything about these the glitter toppers you dont have to dig for the glitter and the creme polish go on smooth.

Chuck (1 coat)

Bella (1 coat)

Gabriella (2 coats)

Chuck & Blair (1 coat of Blair)

Bella & Edward (1 coat of Edward)

Gabriella & Troy (1 coat of Troy)

Julia w/o her Romeo

I absolutely love all of these's beauties! Thanks so much to Tammy for getting these for me. I am still tracking down the older Nail art twins like Julia. I just wish that all Ultas would get all the Essence Collections! Does your near by Ulta store carry Essence polishes?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Im back!! with swatches of my Barry M's

I am back! Sorry for being such a bad blogger but life got in the way. I recently moved so it was pretty crazy around here and moving 2 Helmers full of polish was not fun. In this crazy move I broke pretty much all my nails so Im back to rocking nubbins. I have recently completed most of my international swaps just have 2 left and I now have a bunch of new Euro polishes. Rebecca from rebecca likes nails was interested in getting some Barry M so here is my collection of Barry Ms.
Peach Melba 2 coats 

Grey 2 coats 

Blue Moon 3 coats

Mint green 2 coats edit the color to get the accurate color)

Now for some glitter

Holograms 1 coats 

Pink Iridescent 2 coats

Last but not least Barry M crackles:

That is all my Barry M which I got from swaps from Ash-lilly and Irishenchantment. Barry M polishes can actually be purchased online and they do ship to the US. I love the color I got and I will be ordering some soon. Have you ladies tried Barry M polishes?