Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I see everyone is posting their Halloween manis so I wanted to share with you that my nails are looking like right now. This year I decided not to buy a costume but I wanted to be Hello Kitty because I absolutely love Hello Kitty. So what I did was get the Lady Gaga hair bow and painted it red to then place it in my hair to be Hello Kitty's bow then add some whiskers, a yellow nose and one of my 100s of Hello Kitty shirts and Viola! I am Hello Kitty.

Added some white out contacts just to be a little creepy

I wanted my nails to match my costume, I painted my nails white, stamped a red bow design on all of them but the ring finger the some yellow dots. Then on the ring finger I stamped a Hello Kitty.

Ok back to passing out candy and trick or treating with the little ones. Have a fun and safe Halloween .

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cosmar Quick Nails.

This past week I wanted to try something new and recently alot of my nails broke so Ive had to deal with extremely short nails. I decide to try a brush-on gel nail system. I went to my local drug store and found Cosmar Quick Nails brush-on gel nails. This set is very easy to use and come with everything that you need.

This is what the set looks like. It comes with
 * Tips (many different sizes) squared
* Glue
* The gel
 *The activator
* A small nail buffer
*Brush cleaner  

I also bought these tip because I like the rounded tip better.

This was very easy to do!
First step: Make sure your nails are clean, buff the nail a little bit with the softer side of the buffer. Then match up your nails to the tips make sure they fit right. Do NOT I mean Do NOT remove the tips off the wheel before they are glued on. They are easier to handle if they are on the wheel.

Second step: Glue tips onto nails, remove the tips from wheel in twisting motion. Place the tips as best you can to have them all be the same length. Take your buffer and file done the tiny tab where it was attached to the wheel. Now here come the hardest part of this very easy brush-on nails, Take your buffer and buff down the smile line. Try not to buff your nail and get it as smooth as possible.

Last step: Take the brush in the brush cleaner and dip it in the gel and brush on the gel on to your nail like you would with a nail polish. While the gel is still wet brush on the activator. Make sure you are not brushing on to much activator or adding activator when the gel has dried because it will leave the nail tacky (to fix that just repeat the step again). Repeat this step 2-3 times to desired strength. 

Easy enough right! here are my results

My nails lasted a good while until I took then off but they were very strong. I did make a minor boo boo on my ring finger I didn't buff the smile line down enough. They are pretty easy to take off I unfortunately took them off only 4 days of having them due to my basketball game. I clipped the tips and soaked them in a little bit of pure acetone and they just melted off. I am definitely going to use this again!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today I was getting some last minute stuff for my jobs Halloween party. I stopped at Target 1st and I of course have to check out the beauty section and I was shocked to see a section of ELF beauty supplies! If you guys don't know about ELF check out their website they have decent quality polishes for a DOLLAR! and now you don't have to pay for shipping just visit you closest Target. I couldn't pass up on a Trio that ill show you in this weeks haul post.

I still needed some table cloths and goodie bags so I decided to stop at Dollar Tree. 2 weeks ago I had picked up some Sally Hansen long discontinued polishes that came in duos. So after getting all I needed I hit up the polish section and they had sooo many new stuff!! They had more colors of the Sally Hansen duos and what I was most excited about was a whole lots of L.A. Colors Art Deco Striper polishes!!! They had so many colors and I had to have them all well I think I got every color they had. You can never go wrong buying polishes for a DOLLAR!

Monday, October 25, 2010

O.P.I. Unripened

OPI Unripened is part of the Go goth set that come in minis for Halloween. I absolutely fell in love with it!! I tried finding it in the regular size bottle and when I did it cost an arm and a leg. I tried settling for dupes by Sinful colors (What's your name) and China glaze (Blk-Bila-Bong) but they just weren't the same. Take a look for your self here are all 3.

#1- OPI Unripened
#2-Sinful Colors What's your name
#3 China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong

 Some of you might not see the difference but OPI Unripened definitely has more glitter and its a richer teal color. China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong has a little bit of different tint. So I just couldn't live without having the regular size bottle of Unripened. I searched high and low and finally I found it for a decent price.

My Baby


Couldn't help it!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I couldn't wait till Sunday to do my haul post. I got a whole bunch of stuff that I had on my wish list and stuff that I couldn't help but get. This week I got a pretty big order from for really cheap since its and etailler you always get good deals.

I got the following:

China Glaze Party Hearty,Rejoice set
and I couldn't pass up on getting Frosty.

Theses sets are great they either come with 3 polishes or 2 and a gift. The sets at and Etailler run only about $5 and some change comes out cheaper then buying the polishes separate. The Party Hearty is a must have because of the Party Hearty glitter polish it is a must have for Christmas it also includes Phat Santa and Jolly Holly which make this set perfect. The Rejoice set come with 2 glitter polishes and a holiday candle. The reason I got this one was for Mistletoe kisses its a light green glitter that I had to have and thought why not get the set to get a special gift and Mrs. Claus (light red glitter). I seen Frosty on Scrangie's blog and just had to have it.

Next Up.....

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Blk-Bila-Bong,
Flying Dragon, He's Going In Circles and Mummy May I

Ok so most of theses are old shades and all of you have seen before but they were all missing in my collection and I just thought I had to have them. Mummy May I is the only new one that's from 2010 Halloween Awakening collection. I'm passing o the whole collection because I don't see myself using any of the other colors. The one I was super excited about was He's going in circles from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection I was actually surprised to have been able to find any of the colors from the collection still available.

Elf Polishes White, Clear, Nude, Chocolate and Red Velvet

So I ordered theses polishes from the Elf website as you might know Elf has $1 nail polishes and this past week they were offering 50%  off on their entire site so I decided to pick up a few things. I already have most of the the elf polishes so I looked at my collection and realized I didn't have a nude or brown polish. I found a nude polish in a French manicure set and it came with the white, clear, nude and some guided that were no longer sticky. I also got the Red Velvet polish just because I love me some Red Velvet cake.

Last but not least.....

Debra Lynn double sided nail art brushes, Seche French Guides,
 Set of 15 nail art brushes and a corrector pen.

Ok this kinda ticks me off a bit can you guess what?? I desperately needed new brushes cuz after a while brushes get worn down and you start to get stray hairs which have messed up a couple of designs. I was making my order on and checked out the brushes and found this set for a decent price so of course I ordered them. I then was eBay shopping and found a set of 15 nail art brushes for a $1 and $3 shipping. I was so upset that I had just paid $5 on a set of  3 double sided brushes when here is a set of 15 for $4. I decided to buy the 15 because my impulsive buying habit had kicked in.

That's all for now ill probably pick up some more things this weekend so till next haul :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ruffian Manicure

I wanted to share with you guys my 1st attempt in the Ruffian Manicure. I really love the look and I decided to try it this week. So I seen a lot of people use french guides to make it easier to achieve this look but my package with my french guides hadn't arrived. I started off by painting my nails with China Glaze 2030 then I wanted a little bit of sparkle to I added a little bit of China Glaze Medallion. Then came the hard part I wanted to paint the rest of my nails in a black matte and the only one I had was O.P.I. Obscurity in the mini bottle. This mini bottle was good and bad, bad because the brush is tiny and doesn't hold too much polish and good because the bottle is small enough I could just dip a nail art brush to be more precises. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


It is now the end of the week so I would like to show you what I have acquired this week. Something are non brand polishes that were given to me so I don't know much about them.

The 1st thing is theses really cute polishes for kids. This was a gift for my kids at work that are trying to get their nail art class together. The polishes are suppose to be able to come off with soup and water but I tried and there's was no way it was coming off that easy.

Love that they are shaped Ice cream cones

Next up is a set of glitters I found in Marshalls. I thought they were cute so I bought them they looked like they could just be something I use to add some glitter to a nail art design. I get a lot of small mini bottles like this just to use them for nail art where I just dip my nail brushes in. I swatched them on my nail wheel and I really liked the colors and how they applied. I ended up wearing the Dark Pink color for a couple days and it held up ok for a no brand polish that the set of 7 cost $2.99.

Blush (7 glitter set) 

Today I decided to stop by the Dollar store on my way to Sally's Beauty Supplies and to my surprise I found polishes that I wouldn't expect to be there. I found a whole section of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in duos. These polishes are kinda old so can image my shock when I seen a whole bunch of them in pairs for just a DOLLAR!! I had to get atleast one I got Diamond and Pink Pearl I also picked up L.A. Colors Color Craze Atomic.
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond and Pink Pearl
L.A. Colors Color Craze Atomic

Finally I made it to Sally's Beauty supplies to buy some Pure Acetone because I was all out! I ended up getting a 946 ML/32 FL. OZ. bottle of Pure acetone for $4.99. I didn't need that much but that was a great deal I wont have to buy more for a while!! Anyways while I was there I picked up China Glaze Foxy out of the clearance bin for $1.99 then picked up a bright pink Sally Girl polish and Little Gold holographic stars.

Sally Girl Bright Pink
China Glaze Foxy
Holographic gold stars

Thats all for this week, swatches for some of this polishes coming soon hopefully. I got a big order from this week that I cant wait for!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nail wheels

 At first I didn't think I needed to purchase nail wheels, I always thought that was just something that salons should have but as I started to acquire more and more polishes thats when I realized maybe I should. I started off by buying like 3 from Trans Design an Etailler that sell things for cheaper they cost 75 cents each. I thought that was a good price at the time. When I ran out of room on my nail wheels I decided to look else where to buy my nail wheels. I went on eBay and found great prices for package deals like 10 nails wheels for $4 plus free gift. That sounded great to me so I bought it and of course with all great deal on eBay it had to be from Hong Kong. The estimated shipping is 9-14 days, I always buy stuff from Hong Kong and they usually take about a week. I week goes by nothing, 2 weeks nothing and coming up on 3 weeks and I still didn't receive anything. I got impatient and went out and bought nail wheels from Sally's Beauty supplies and this is what I bought:

I got these's at Sally's it came in a package of 10 for about $5. They are very thin and easily broken, they are so thin I bet you cant tell that in the picture there's actually 5 nail wheels stacked. As you can see the nail wheel only has 18 nails to paint and are very small!

I still wanted the nail wheels I ordered form Hong Kong so I contacted the seller and she reasured me that i will receive the nail wheels and that it just takes time. The very next day I checked the mail and their they where.

Now these are much thicker, nails are wider and are attached directly to the wheel unlike the others. This nail wheel is exactly like the ones I purchased on Trans Design which they sell 1=$0.75+ shipping  and these were 10= $4.00.

Here is the comparison of both wheels. I definitely think it is worth buying these on eBay and just waiting for them because they are so much of a better deal .

Halloween Mani,

Finally got to do my nails today it has been a busy week!! Since we are in October and there's only about 15 day till Halloween. I decided to do a Halloween Mani. What I ended up doing was a bright orange color with black polish dripping down the nails.

So for this manicure what I did was I painted my nails with China Glaze Sunworshiper from the Poolside collection (I love vibrant colors). Then took a black polish and a nail art brush to give it that dripping effect. I was about to add a top coat but I was not satisfied so I looked through my Image plates and found a little spider I then stamped the spider on my ring finger with China Glaze Millennium.

                                                                     Here it is...

Image Plate (fauxnad) 

 Final Product

Autumn contest

I entered into Konad Addict's Autumn contest. It is now open for voting!! There are many wonderful entries. You can go to Konad addict's blog to vote.

Here is my entry. It is Number #12

VOTE FOR ME!!! #12

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nail Fanatic 600th follower giveaway.

Hello again so soon I know, but I came across a wonderful giveaway!!!
Gladys from Nail Fanatic has reached 600 followers Congrats!!(I hope to get there one day) She wants to show how grateful she is for the support of her blog that she is giving away Manglaze Polishes.

You can enter to win the following:
1) ManGlaze Hot Mess Bling Top Coat
2) ManGlaze Mayonnaise
3) ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly (slightly revised)

(click the image to enter the giveaway)

Keeping my fingers crossed hope I win!!!

Swatch Time!

This past week I did my nail wheels over again because my old ones were not very organized and when I wanted to do a comparisons it was hard because they weren't on the same nail wheel like they should be.
I wanted to compare OPI Unripened and Sinful colors What's your name/Love bite (this 2 name thing is very annoying!). I had seen a swatch of Sinful colors What's your name/Love bite at Dollface's blog  which was my 1st follower yay Thanks Dollface your a doll lol!! OK back to business the swatch looked really similar to OPI Unripened which I loved but hated that it only came in a mini bottle so I thought I could just go buy the sinful colors version instead of buying the full size promotional bottle for 7x the price. So here's the swatch (by the way taking pictures that show that real color of the polish is extremely hard)


#1 OPI Unripened
#2 Lippmann collection Bad Romance
#3 Sinful colors What's your name/Love bite
# Sinful Colors Secret Admirer/Full moon

As you can see Unripened has alot more teal shimmer then Sinful colors does but it still a dupe. I am not going to buy the promotional bottle instead I might buy some teal glitter and mix it in to the sinful color polish if that doesn't work out Thanks to Dollface's swatches I might even buy China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong. 

Carrying Case

I travel with my nail polish stuff all the time to peoples houses, work and back home. At one point in the beginning of my obsession I use to be able to fit all my supplies and nail polishes in this Caboodles carrying case i got from Target. It had many side pockets and a place to put my strippers, dotting tools and brushes so it was perfect. After about a month nothing ever fit anymore so it was time to look for another carrying case. I searched high and low and I could not find something that would work for me till I came across The O.P.I. Train Case. I had seen this online so I was determined to find it. I searched on amazon, google shopping and I finally found it on eBay by 2 different buyers I of course bought the cheaper listing. Here is what i used before and after....

I didn't have for long that's why the tag is still on it I'm debating
on keeping it or returning it.

I use to fit almost 50 polishes in here as well as my konad plates, implements, nails wheels ect..
There is 7 expandable side pockets, 4 pen like pockets and 2 elastic bands where you could hold top coats.

Here is the top lids I kept my stripers on the right where the bands are wider
 and dotting tool/brushes on the left.

Here is the beautiful OPI train case!! I love the design!
This train case has to compartments

The top has 32 compartments for polishes. It fits all size polishes I of course fit more then 32 by putting my strippers upside down and I fit 3 in each slot.
The bottom is divided in 3 sections. They are very wide and spacious I can fit all my tools and supplies without a problem.

I absolutely love this train case one negative thing is that after its loaded it is extremely heavy so I might just keep the smaller Caboodles one to take when I don't need that much stuff. Ok till next time!

Last weeks haul.

This past week I've acquired many thing that i had on my wish list and a couple of things I just could pass on. I am seriously a polishaholic because there is not a day I'm not creating a cart of nail polishes or hitting up the local drug store or a Sally's. My boyfriend thinks I have a problem but I don't think so! Here are the polishes Ive gotten this week.

All this in one week.. OK maybe I do got a little bit of a shopping habit...

Sinful Colors
Secret Admirer/Full moon
San Francisco
What's your name/Love bite

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Jumpin Jade
Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear Cosmic Blue

Lippmann Collection Bad Romance

Wet n' Wild Sleep Walker
Orly Last Dance mini
Sally Girl Glow in the dark

Got a couple glitter for some frankenin and some shapes

Got a couple more things but Ill be showing you that up next in a different post. till next time bye!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Giveaway by Candy Coated tips

One of the blogs I follow religiously is having a giveaway and she is giving a way the best package I have ever seen!!!! So Candy Coated tips is giving away the following

The full China Glaze Halloween 2010 "Awakening Set" with the Fast Forward Top Coat


China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, China Glaze Matte Magic and Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure

This has to be the best giveaway ever I would just be happy with the awakening set or the Sally Hansen Hidden treasure.

Check out her blog!!

And her Giveaway

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nail Polish Rack!

So my nail polish collection grew drastically over the past couple of months. I use to be able to keep my nail polishes in makeup bags but not they wont even fit on a counter top or drawer. I did some research and the best thing to keep them together and organized is by getting a nail polish rack. I found a bunch of them online but they were pretty pricey as well as a lot of them need to be mounted to the wall. For any other person that wouldn't be a problem but in my case that would be very unsafe to store them. I have really thin walls and 90 polishes on the wall is asking for a disaster. So I decided to get a nail polish rack that sits on a table but yet again they were pricey and didn't hold that many. I then continued my research and saw that you could use a spice rack for nail polishes. I went to my local Marshalls and picked up a spice rack for $4.99 took it some added some cardboard and decorated it. This is the final product which I am really happy with managed to more then half of my collection for cheap!

67 Nail polishes!!!!!!

Designs Finally!!!

So Ive been meaning to do this post but haven'thad time to. I am just gonna put them all up in one post because who knows when ill be back. Here they are they designs ive done in the past couple of months.


I did my Besties Nails.

                                                                   Some more stars..

                                          Krackle Polish on top of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue
                                              Was'nt Satisfied so I addded a little something something.

                                                               Mood Nail Polish from Claires


My first attempt in Water Marbelizing. Not bad :-)

My entry to Fab Ur Nails black and white weekly contest.

                                                      It is now October I'm in the Halloween Mood