Monday, January 31, 2011

NOTD: Color Club Pucci-licious + Confetti

I am in a good mood today and wanted a bright color with some glitter. I looked in my collection and Color Club Pucci-licious stood out to me and since I have never used it before it was a perfect pick. I love this color so much now. It went on smooth in 2 coats and the color is like no other purple I own. I then looked for a glitter and I had recently bought Jesse's Girl Confetti which has purple and blue bar string glitter.

XOXO Parisky Birthday Giveaway

Helena from XOXO Parisky has turned 23 years old and wants to give her followers a chance to win a boat load of wonderful things! I was so amazed my the size and variety of this giveaway. In the giveaway is my most sought after collection The Essence Metallic collection!. Take a look at what you could win. Visit her blog for the rules and to enter.

Click Image to take you to the giveaway!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Haul!

I have a whole bunch of stuff to show you that Ive gotten since my last haul post. First up is my new little army of Zoya polishes I ended up getting 9 because I used the code 3 times with different accounts thanks to my cousin and boyfriend. These are the first in my collection.

(Right to Left)
* Shivon * Crystal * Valerie
* Cheryl * Indigo * Adina
* Happi * Perrie * Robyn

I will be buying more Zoya from  now on as well as the Color Lock System to get the best out of these. I had an unfortunate thing happen to one of my bottles in the shipping process my baby Crystal came damaged and spilling its was too bad take a look.

Next up is the very popular OPI Katy Perry Collection I managed to get 4 out of 5 of them before they were sold out. I pre-ordered Black Shatter from Mbeauty lounge and the other I had my local Ulta put whatever polishes they had of the collection left on hold. I got there and unfortunately I am missing The one that got away and it did literally.

* Last Friday Night * Not like the movies * Teenage Dream * Black Shatter

Now for some beauties I picked up at the drugstore some are from Rite Aid and some are from Walgreens. I have been struggling to keep my nails long and healthy but I change polish so often that my nails are weak and are always breaking I am going to be testing out Total Nail Rx see if it works for my nails.

Jesse's Girl Confetti (old rectangle tops)
Borgehese Mediterranoe sea
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Collide-O-Scope
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Fly with me
Total Nail Rx

I received a Hot Topics gift card a while ago and I finally decided to use it and on the website they had the mini nail sets for 98 cents so I could resist on getting 2 of each, one for me and they other for a future giveaway. Then I took my usual trip to Dollar Tree I found sets LA Colors Nail Dazzling its polish and glitter I ended up getting every color they had.

I saved the best for last as you all probably know the Hello Kitty by Sephora collection has been released at stores and online. I was unable to purchase anything when they had the preview event for Beauty Insiders and I'm glad I waited. Ive been able to see swatches and comparisons of the polishes and to me out of the whole collection only one polish was worth the $10 they each go for and that was Purple Sprinkles. I also bought some HK decals and since I use my Beauty Insider card often I had more then 100 point and I receive the Hello Kitty Travel perfume for free!

Aren't they soo CUTE!!!

That's all for now still waiting on some Essie's I ordered and the release of the China Glaze crackle collection. 

Milani FX Jewels Gold

So I got tired of my little short nails so I used the Cosmar get kit to get the nice long nails I want. I wanted to play with some glitter and I went for my Milani's and picked out Milani FX jewels Gold but that's a pretty tough glitter to apply on all your nails. I decided to do an accent nail with it instead and I picked out Orly Viridian Vinyl for the rest of my nails. I really love this look and I cant stop looking at my nails.

Its was pretty tough to apply the glitter because to get full coverage you have to do a couple coats and try to cover the bald spot. So after it covered all the way it was really thick and lumpy so I pressed my nail down with my finger and actually got it to flatten and even removed some of the clear polish then topped it with Seche Vite.

While preparing this post I happen to read today's post of the blogs I follow and It just happen that Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake had the same idea. She paired it up with a light pink and some gold designs take a look. Click Here!  If you don't have Milani FX jewels gold it is a post have!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


 Konad-Licious has reached a 1,000 followers and is having a huge giveaway. When I say huge it is HUGE!!! First of congrats and I hope to reach that one day! Now to enter click here! 

WOW I would be happy with just a part of this giveaway

Thursday, January 27, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

Today I had a community service project to go to and my nails had some crazy glitter and I was gonna be mingling with alot of important people like Boston's Governor Deval Patrick and I wanted more of a demure mani. I picked out one of my new polishes a pastel by Sally Hansen it is part of the newer Xtreme wear. I love this color and it was great to apply! For most of my pastel it takes about 3 coats and usually are really streaky but this lovely was actually a one coater. I liked the color but I don't like boring manis so I added some konad and stamped a diamond plaid pattern on M60 with  Konads white special polish.

Now while at the event my service project was at Cradles to Crayons Giving Factory and we were in charge of sorting books and checking the quality of them. While busy on our tasks one girl came up to me and asked how i did my nails and I told her and later on she came showed me something she thought I would find interesting. Take a look

                                                     Pencil Lead Nail Polish
"With pencil lead nail polish, you'll be carrying ten pencils with you at all times. No more frustration while you paw through drawers and under couch cushions. You'll be fashionable and functional, right down to your fingers."

Is that not the coolest thing ever! I wish they had such a thing like pencil lead polish I would buy it and always have one nail painted because I can never find something to write with. This was found in the Book below.

That all for today I have a huge haul post coming up!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GOSH Holographic

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of post but Ive been extremely busy at work planning for our members February vacation program. During this time I still managed to haul polishes and paint my nails here and there. The most exciting polish I got and its been on my wish list for a while is GOSH Holographic. I finally just sucked it up and paid a ridiculous price for it on eBay.

GOSH holographic is kinda thick and clumpy and needs 3 coats to be completely even and opaque. I didn't mind that because the polish dries super fast and I usually do 3 coats of most holo polishes. I applied Seche Vite as my top coat which was a big mistake because it kinda ruins the holo effect and I actually ruined my pinky because I dragged the top coat to hard so I got a bald spot. On to the picture theses are all indoor there hasn't been much sun lately due to the horribly cold weather in Boston.

The bottle is kinda of small compared to China Glaze and OPI,
its about the same size as a Seche vite bottle (you can see a little bit of the bottle)

Looks soo much better in the sunlight the holo effect is super strong!

I think it was worth the price I paid because it is such an eye catcher and there's nothing else like this. I LOVE LOVE this polish and I wish I had a back up bottle just in case.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stylish blog award

I recently got the stylish award from Amanda at Fiercely Fresh Fingertips This is a very cute award and I am honored to be given this award.

1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award
Here is the 7 things about me:

1. I am absolutely in love with Hello Kitty and Tokidoki. My bed set is Hello Kitty I have Tokidoki art all over my walls, I have Tokidoki for Hello Kitty plush dolls still in the box as decorations, pens, pencils, notebooks, wallets and purses.

2. I am the youngest in my organization but Ive been there the longest in September It will be 9 years at The Boys & Girls club. I started working there at 14 years old and I have been climbing the ladder ever since I am now The Tech Center Director/Program Development Assistant.

3. I have gotten 7 tattoos in 2 years. I have my last name on my wrist, A hello kitty design on my back with my name, 1 star on the left side of my neck and 7 on the right side for my b-day, the Chinese symbol for Shadow which is my nickname on my shoulder,  a gun shooting out hearts on the side of my right hand and Love written on the side of my left hand.

4. I am always mistaken for a teenager people usually think I am 14-18 and I am actually 23 years old as much as I try to look older it doesn't work. I take it as a compliment now just because when I'm in my 40s Ill probably look like I'm in my 30s.

5.  I love video games my new addiction in Just Dance 2. I play everyday and I am undefeated I will be getting The Michael Jackson experience. My job has gotten the Xbox Kinect with dance central so soon that will be my new favorite game.

6. I am scared of needles, yes I know that's a little strange since I have 7 tattoos but I don't actually see the needles at the tattoo parlor  like in the Doctor's office where they come at you with this super long needle ready to stab you with it.

7. No one can ever guess my nationality I usually get White, Mixed, Puerto Rican, Brazilian and it goes on and on but I am actually Colombian born here in the US but lived in Colombia for most of my child hood. My mother has recently moved back to Colombia so ill be making more trips out there often.

I love reading all of the blogs I follow and some of my favorites that Ive recently found are:

1. Fiercely Fresh Fingertip
2. Enamel Girl
3. My Simple Little Pleasures
4. Another Bottle of Polish?!
5. Chloe's Nails
6. PolishSis
7. Polish Lava
8.  Jessica v. Polish
9. Pretty Little Thing
10. Cosmetic Cupcake

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NOTD OPI Jade is the new black and Nubar 2010

I actually don't like green that much but when I seen OPI Jade is the new black I kinda fell in love with the color I couldn't wait to use it. It applied great it was beautiful  in 2 coats.

I wanted to add a little something to it but I wasn't sure what. I was gonna Konad it and while I was getting my supplies I ran into my Nubar 2010 so I thought why not lets add some flakies.

2 coats of OPI Jade is the new black and 2 coats of Nubar 2010

Love this combination it reminds me of the Boston Celtic my home Basketball team. Go Celtics!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ruby Red Slippers Dupe

Quick post I wanted to show you Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers Dupe it is actually a combination of 2 polishes the main one being Wet N Wild Prancer. This is a mini bottle of red hex glitters and the 2nd is basically any black polish. I actually got 2 bottles of prancer one to layer and the other to franken into RRS
so I added Wet N Wild black creme and TA DA instead of buying a $18 polishes you can just make your own for $1.99. I don't have Ruby Red Slippers to compare but it looks exactly the same!

What do you think ? Exact Dupe or a close look alike. Either way that's one polish on my wish list.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Parokeets blog: 2nd birthday giveaway

The ladies from Parokeets are celebrating their blogs 2nd Birthday with a huge Giveaway! Here is what you can win

Zoya: Crystal, Edyta, Valerie, Sparkle Gloss, Armor, Anchor.
Essie: Fall 2010 minis, Ejuvenate Discovery Set, Good To Go top coat, crystal file.
Color Club: Worth The Risque, Wild and Willing, Catwalk Queen, Electronica, Revvvolution, With Abandon.
Sweetscents: Flat Gold, Twilight, Coffee, Oriental Beige, Confederate Blue, Penny, Teal, Iridescent Copper, Goldstone, Perfection, Cornflower, Egyptian Sands, Amethyst + 30g Green Tea Overnight Rejuvenation.
Magnetic: Shimmering Silver, Finger Fashion, Glamour Brown + Strip It: Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Ping Pearl, Black.
Nfu-Oh: 51, 56, 65, Aqua Base. 3D Nail Seal stickers.
Barry M: Dusky Mauve and Racing Green polish, Scarlet Red lip lacquer crayon, Marshmallow shimmering eye and lip crayon, Peachy Pink lipstick.

Go to her blog and to see all the rules and find ot how to enter!

Birthday Haul!

I haven't been able to haul polishes for a while and now that its 2011 and January which happens to be my Birthday month. I went a little crazy and used most of my birthday money to do some massive hauling. I will be showing you everything I got not including things that I bought online and are on their way like my nails foils, OPI Katy Perry Collection, 9 Zoya polishes and GOSH Holographic! I grouped everything together by the stores I bought them from.


Essie Summer min Collection
*Haute as hello
*Pretty Edgy
*Demure Vixen
*Knockout pout
Orly Snowcone
OPI Jade in the new black
Essence Space Queen
Essence What do U think?
Barielle Jess Champagne toast
(these are my 1st Barielle and Essie polishes)

Sally Beauty Supply

Seche Vite top coat
China Glaze Dorothy who? (free with Seche Vite)
China Glaze Pom Pom
ASP Manicure Saver Cotton Claw (best find ever)
Terrific tips Tip stickers
Sally girl sweet tooth
Sally girl 812095
Sally girl 812029
Nail Bliss Metallic Nails
Sally girl #10 glitter pink
Sally girl glitter multi glitter
Sally girl Metal metallic grey
Sally girl chunky glitter pink
Practice hand
Dollar Tree, Christmas tree shop and 5below
Cover Girl sheer orchid
LA Girl Rock Star
Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear Night Lights
Cover Girl Sunkissed
Cover Girl Crackle Boo Hou! X2
Cover Girl sand dne
Cover Girl Bronze
Cover Girl Anti-freeze
Cover Girl Gold Front
Color Club Pucci-licious
Sally Hansen Nail art pen  blue
Funky Faces Fairy Dust black
Cutex corrector pen
Art Club Glam Hologram streak

(5below 3 for $5)
Funky Fingers Blitzen
Funky Fingers Tribal
Funky Fingers Snakeskin 
Funky Fingers Icicle lights
Funky Fingers Volts
Funky Fingers Bourbon St.
I managed to get a lot if polishes of brands that I never had before. I really like Essie now and a bunch of their polishes have gone on my wish list. Funky fingers are actually made by the same company that makes Color Club and alot of their polishes are the same just different names. I got my 1st Barielle and unfortunately missed ot on their free shipping this week. I cant wait till my packages arrive so I can show you the goodies I got I'll probably do a mid week haul post if they all get here by then. That's all for today. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holo Marble Design

While I had my long nails I decided to do a little water marbling. I had a hard time picking colors to do when I thought you can never go wrong with Holographic colors. First I painted my nails Color Club Revvvoltion as my base color and picked to Sally Hansen Prisms Purple diamond and Diamond then thought I should do one more color so I chose Sally Hansen Magical Blue Aura.

The Beautiful Color Club Revvvolution

As you can see I still struggle keeping the same design on each nail

I think It came out good I love all the Holo goodness! I got so many compliments on this mani and everyone wanted to know how I did it. Have any of you tried Water Marbling ?

Cosmar Qick Nails

I decided to give Cosmar Quick nails another try this time making them much longer then last time. These gel on nails are really easy to do, last about a week and you can change the nail polish color. Here was my last 1st attempt a couple months ago.

I did them really short and didn't file the smile line down enough.

This time around I used different tip and I made sure it was completely even and smooth before I started applying the gel. So here it is.

There are very strong I did about 3 coats of the gel. I did my thumb a little shorter to be able to txt on my touch screen phone.

I am definitely going to keep buying this kit when I want long lasting strong nails!