Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today is a day to celebrate!!!! It almost September and my August no buy is over because my hubby was soo impressed on how good I did that he ended my no buy early! So I wasted to time to get some polishes. The most exciting one is an order I placed after reading a post from OhMyJemimahXD she had got some Lippmann polishes from B-Glowing  for $8!!! So here is my order.

Beautiful packaging

2 Deborah Lippmann I know what boys like (1 for my giveaway) and Waking up in Vegas

2 Halloween Color Zone set from Marshalls
Urban Outfitters polishes and NYX girls dreamy glitter

Color zone set that a mix and matched at the store lol.. the 3rd one wasn't my color so I swapped it.

Ordered some acrylics blendz and much more from Rebeliouz Nail Design I love everything and highly recommend them!!!

Ordered some really cool Glitter blends from Envy Nail Supply. The glitters can be used in pretty much anything like Nail polish to acrylics they had great service and fast shipping. 

And finally I got some Nail art brushes from eBay aren't they cute Jen from The Exotic Lacquer picked them out for herself for me to order for her and I couldn't help but to get a set too. 

That is all I bought for myself in the past 3 days I can say I have successfully done a no buy! Yay and thank god its over. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Blog Anniversary

I just realized yesterday was my blogs birthday!!! Last year around this time I was going to do my cousin's nails and I started watching youtube videos and searching for nail art online that's when I ran into Sayanythingbr00ke's youtube channel as well as bunch on wonderful blog. After seeing all the wonderful blogs I decided to make my own to be able share my love for nail art and nail polish. In this year my nail polish collection has grown drastically went from 30 to 615. Ive met so many fellow bloggers and wonderful readers and its because of you guys that Ive had such a great experience! Thank you so much!!! I will be having a giveaway and I'm currently receiving all the prices once I have all the polishes I will post it. Thanks again to all the wonderful ladies that follow my blog and have helped me in the past year!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tokidoki Nails

As you probably could tell from my blogs background Im pretty obsessed with tokidoki so I was thinking to myself this whole time I have yet done some tokidoki nails and I remember why because it wouldn't measure up to the BEST TOKIDOKI NAIL EVER!!! they were done by Holiday over at Silence is Loud you have to check out her blog!! she does the best nail art ever! I still gave my tokidoki nail a try.

I ended up doing something simple over a manicure I already had I started with a beautiful blue Essence Just Rock it and then topped it with Golden Rose Scale effects 15. I did the Tokidoki logo on my ring finger with a white nail art polish.

I really love tokidoki I even got a new tokidoki tattoo its only the outline right now but I cant wait till its finished!
You can kinda see my other tokidoki tattoo on my back.

This is where I got it from.

Have a good week ladies the weekend is almost here!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hibiscus Nail art

I recently bought a sarong dress at the beach and it had such a pretty print with a bunch of beautiful hibiscus that I just had to do my nails to match. So I remember I had tried flowers like that after seeing a post on Ash-Lilly's blog and it was one stroke art using acrylic paint. I Youtube it to get a refresher on what exactly I was doing. I watched this video (yes its in French)

I got started I used Wet N Wild white cream as the base for my ring finger and thumb for the rest of my nails I used Zoya Robin. Its not perfect but I love how it came out!

I like it so much that I had to do the matching pedicure! I said I would never post pics of my toes here but they came out better then my finger nails. I took these picture while I was out on a canoe with my kids at work so there is already some chips. IWARNING TOES PICTURES!

Have you ladies done nail art designs using acrylic paint? if not you need to go to your closest art store and pick up some paints because it is so much it come out so beautiful and it super easy to make any design!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


So my hauls are usually pretty big and my hubby as taken notice and bet me that I couldn't go a month without buying a bottle of nail polish so I took on the challenge. Ive been doing pretty good and Ive been relying on swaps to get new polishes.

I recently received a swap from Jen from The Exotic lacquer which took a day to get since we live in the same state she was very nervous about it but I of course loved everything she picked out a bunch on blue since it is my fav. color. There was also some yummy candy that I already ate before I was able to take the picture.

This weekend was Tax free weekend in Massachusetts so I of course took advantage of that to finally buy a new camera. I hadn't bought a new camera in years! I was working with a Casio Exilim 7.2 megapixel camera and I upgraded to a Sony Cybershot 16.1 megapixel camera.

Old Camera

New Camera

While shopping I found another Sally's in my area and couldn't help but to go in and I was so sad that I couldn't buy any polish but then I was looking to see what was on sale and found an Acrylic set on sale which was perfect because Ive been trying to teach myself how to do acrylics and this is just what I needed. So I bought the set which came with 12 colors and acrylic liquid I also picked up a rose pink acrylic.

And finally some random things I picked up while enjoying the tax free weekend I finally found Hello Kitty duct tape and I saw this big diamond paper weight and I bought it to take pictures of my nails with.

That's really all Ive gotten so majority of my hauls for the rest of the month is going to swaps and nail accessories since I cant buy polish. Have you ladies ever done a no buy? 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Essence Whoom Boooom collection

I love Essence collections and one of the collections I fell in love with was their Whoom Boooom collection all the colors are very bright and perfect for summer. I got this collection from a recent swap since alot of the collections you cant get in the US since Ulta doesn't carry the limited edition collections. On to the swatches!

There is 4 colors in the collection all with some interesting name lol...

Chacalaca- its a dark but vibrant blurple it was smooth in 2 coat. (my fav)

Roy's Red- a red/pink and in some lights look even coral its a very unique color. It was smooth in 2 coats

Andy you're a star- A bright/pastel orange in the sun it look really bright and indoor look more creamy. Smooth in 2 coats. 

You've got the Art- A pastel greenish yellow depending on light. This was my least favorite the application wasn't the best needed 3 coats just to even out the horrible first 2. 

I really like this collection all the color worked well together, They were easy to apply and unique. I give this collection a thumb up lol..My love for Essence continues to grow. Have you ladies tried Essence polishes? 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Im Back with hauls and swaps!

I'm back sorry for the abandonment of my blog but my summers are super busy from my 50 hours a week at work and  then trying to fit a life into that kind of schedule so it doesn't leave much time for blogging. I starting to manage my time a little better and I will hopefully have 3 post a week well at least that is my goals. So for today I'm going to show you all the swaps and haul Ive done since I blogged last.

A whole lot of Essence polishes/supplies and some Catrice polishes Thanks to Tammy from Gettin' Girlie! This has been my biggest swap ever!

This lovely package came from the wonderful Rebecca from Rebecca likes nails we had done a swap a while back and she loved the package so much that she felt she had to get me back lol..

This swap (minus the nail envy) was done with a lovely lady on MUA, I finally got my hands on some Golden Rose scale effects and some more Essence twins.

This swap was with Kesha from Nail Polish Obsession and we had arranged this swap a while ago and when it arrived I had already received Tammy's Swap which included a majority of theses polishes. I wanted the Essence twin so bad that now I have 2 or 3 of them.

I did one more swap with the lovely Sara from  Sara ♥'s Pretty Little Things which was awesome I now have a bunch f UK polishes!


Gaby from Pretty Edgy Nail  found some OPI pink me I'm good in her near by CVS so I sent her the money to buy me 2 and she sent me some surprises! Thanks Gaby don't you just love her hand writing!

Dollar tree and Sallys Haul.
Got some LA Colors after seeing a post from Rebecca about some being Jelly.
Then stopped in at Sally's and they had the new Orly (Happy go lucky) and China Glaze (Molten Metals)collections and I got 2 of each and received a free top coat. I stumbled upon some remover cloths that are pre soaked in remover and are made of felt!! Ive already gotten back to get more!

Barrielle was having another sale so I snatch up 2 more from their new collection Do onto others and Buda-ful. I also purchased some Spectraflair on ebay which I still haven't used lol..

I finally cracked and got the 3D acrylic mold kit that Ive wanted to get as well as a Nail drill and some water decal from Born Pretty Store.

Stop in at Sephora and could help myself and picked up Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular, retractable nail file and Tokidoki rollerball fragrance.

These are a product of 2 Dusty hunters on a Facebook group I'm in called Face and Friends
The first 4 are from Chelsea from Pretty & Polished and the last one is from Traci from The Traceface philes.

This past 2 month Ive gotten alot of first. My hubby bought me my first Chanel polish! and I bought my first BB couture polish. Finally got some Seche vite restore and what I'm most excited about is OPI pair'em and scare'em duo I'm ready for Halloween!

I tried going dusty hunting and found some goodies OPI rent, Blue moon lagoon and Whats dune?
then found the Miss universe collection so I got crown me already and some China glazes.

Some new Sally Hansen Xtreme wears

Some OPI's Absolutely Alice and I lily love you

I saved the best and most excited one for last!!! as some of you know the wonderful Lynnderella has finally decided to sell her beautiful creations. So when I seen them I knew I must have some no matter the price I sent in my order and got a reply that they were out of stock. I was very sad! then some weeks later I got an email from her saying that they came back in stock and if I still wanted them I of course said YES!!! and sent her the money right way! There had been a problem with my order but the Wonderful Lynnderella made it all better and sent me the complete set. Thank you sooooo much Lynnderella I greatly appreciate it and all your hard work to make these beauties! 

(New Favorite glitters!) Currently stalking her blog to order more and her Halloween collection!

That is all I have for now still awaiting on another swap with my new Polish Friend Jen from The Exotic Lacquer which will be here soon since we live in the same state lol.. I should get back to Regular posting soon since summer is almost over. I know I didn't give the names to all the polishes because it was just too much to name but please feel free to ask about a specific polish. Be back soon!