Monday, May 30, 2011


Its coming to the ends of the month and I know I did not do any better in buying less polish then there is days in the month but there was just so many things that I couldn't pass up on. This month I found alot of really cheap stuff so its not like I spent alot. I think my goal is gonna change to how much money I spend instead on number of bottles.

Sally Hansen Crackle Chery Smash
Sally Hansen Distressed Denim
Sinful Colors Neon melon
Sinful Colors Pink
Sinful Colors Dancing nails

 5 Below
Wet N Wild Prancer
Wet N Wild Blitzen
Wet N Wild Comet
Funky Fingers Sand and Stilettos
Funky Fingers Golden Coast
Color Club Glam Stickers
Glitter for a fraken

California Colors set (nameless colors) ($4.99)
Cute Glass file
Barielle Frech manicure set ($5.99)

Rite Aid & Marshalls

Nicole by OPI Nic's sticks 5 pack ($6.99)
Sally Hansen color quick and nail art pen duo
Sally Hansen crackle antiqued gold

Ulta In NH

Essence I like
2 Essence studio nails stickers

Everythings here was all pretty cheap so I was happy even though I bought alot. I also took advantage of the 50% off on Barielle polishes and I did resist the one free Zoya bottle promo. I think Ive been good most of my polish buying has been for swaps and a giveaway so that's helped from buying polishes for myself. I couple bottles more I will have to build my 2nd helmer because I am running out of room. I updated my spreadsheet and I know have over 500 polishes. I am a Polishaholic!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Colorful Tips

My nails have finally gotten a little stronger and haven't broke as much. So I finally have tips so I decided to do a colorful french. I picked out the following polishes for my colorful tips.

China Glaze Towel boy toy
Sinful colors pink
Sinful colors neon melon
Color Club the Lime start here
Sally Girl glitter
Sally Girl neon orange

Started off with a basic french then added a coat of glitter and lastly added 2 coat of each color on the tips. I love how it came out even though my Hubby said it look like a ghetto girl manicure.

I actually got a couple of compliments from people. What do you guys think? Is it to much?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Im back with some Crack

Hey ladies sorry Ive been MIA lately but life and work has gotten very busy. I actually went on a mini vacation just to get away from work and family so me and the hubby went away to NH. While we were there we wanted to let off some stress so we made out way  to a Firing range. This  was the 1st time I fired a gun even though most think its not because of the gun tattoo on my hand. It was lots of fun and I did pretty good.

So now on to the nails I recently got some of the Sally Hansen Crackle and the one I wanted to use right away was Distressed Denim because my favorite color is Blue. A couple of weeks ago I seen a post on The Nailphile she was trying the crackle out and she paired Distressed Denim with OPI last Friday night. I thought that combinations was just so BEAUTIFUL!!! I had to try it!

I love this combination!! This mani surprisingly held up for 3 days and I didn't not get bored of it! What Sally Hansen crackles are you looking forward to getting?

Giveaways im entering in

Enamel girl's 1st Blog Anniversary

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Silence is Loud 500 followers giveaway

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Cel's first blog birthday giveaway

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Gargantuan green grape

I have a new favorite green polish!! I am not a fan of green nail polish but I seem to be growing on me because I keep buying green nail polishes. This one just became my new favorite green polish! Before is was OPI jade is the new black now its OPI Gargantuan green grape i love that its light but bright at the same time.

Perfect is 2 coats

DAMN blue sharpie got me! lol

Beautiful sunset that day!

I can see myself using this polish very often just because it such a perfect green atleast for me. What is your favorite green polish? 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Butterflies and flowers

So lately Ive been trying to use different color polish then I do usually. I always go for the neon's, pinks, blues and holos. So I decided to use one of the mood struck polishes I got in a pack of three. It hard to explain the color because it is very different. The mood struck polishes depending on heat. I did an accent nail I used nail tattoos, billion beads and rhinestones.

This is what the bottle looks like

Here you can see the 2 colors

I really liked this mani but it didn't last because of the quality of the polish wasn't the best. Do you buy polishes for the color or quality? I personally don't care for the quality since I do my nails almost everyday so Its about the color for me.

Monday, May 16, 2011

You Fancy Huh!

Can you guess what polish I might be showing you today from the tittle? Well I finally got his polish after drooling over for a while. Its been sold out every where I go and Ulta actually just got the collection so I grabbed it up quick. I wish I would have got too because I am in love with this polish! Ok so I am talking about Orly Fancy Fuchsia from Orly's Precious Collection. Fancy Fuchsia is a very bright fuchsia that is nice and even in 2 coat.

I love this color! This just became my go to polish. I see myself using this polish alot so I need to go hunt down a backup bottle! When you really like a color do you buy a backup bottle? or is it a waste?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stamping with foil: Zip me up

So last week I seen a post from Mrsrexy at Canadian Nail Fanatic her post blew my mind! She was stamping with foils so I ran to my nail art drawer got everything I needed and got on it. I started with Sinful Colors Savage which is a pretty green matte color.

2 coats of Sinful Colors Savage

I then decided to use my new Bundle Monster image plates and a gold holo foil. Stamping with foils is pretty simple the first thing you need to do is cut out some pieces of foils, Stamp the image you want on your nails and quickly place the foil on the stamp and rub it in. Easy right? My manicure came out ok but I wish I would have used a gold polish to stamp with instead of white you'll see why.

Here's what I used:

Sinful colors Savege
Konad White
Konad stamp and a scraper
Gold holo foil
BM 202
Orly Glosser (non fast dry top coat)

I should have stamped with a gold polish because in some part the foil didn't transfer so I had some white showing. Has anyone one tried doing this before?

Swaps and Hauls

Ive recently arranged a swap with a fellow blogger Irishenchantment from If it shines its mine!!! I saw that she got the new Barry M crackle colors and I fell in love with them and had to have them. I just got my package yesterday and I almost fainted when I opened it lol.. Theses are my 1st Barry Ms! She also threw alot of extra which I absolutely love especially the cosmetic bag! That was much needed Thank you soooo much! I love everything!

Cute Cosmetic bag
Little heart earings 
The little blue tin (Vaseline)
Hot looks Bongo beat
Barry M Grey
Barry M Mint Green
Barry M Holograms
Barry M crackle pink
Barry M crackle blue
Barry M Crackle white

Ive been trying to cut down on how much polishes I buy but Ive been buying stuff for swaps with a couple of ladies and sometime there's those polishes that call out to me. This is what Ive gotten for myself in the past 2 weeks.

From Ulta
OPI Femme De Cirque mini
China Glaze White Cap
OPI Skull and Glossbones
Orly Fancy Fuschia

Zoya Paz
Zoya Pippa
Zoya Ali
Orly In a Snap fast drying top coat
Orly Glosser Shiny top coat
Orly Nailtrition

Buy one get 2nd half off

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Midnight in NY
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Naked ambition

The next couple of polishes were from random places except for Gargantuan green grape that I got at Ulta. I went to a mall that I usually don't go to because my hubby said he seen the Goldie polishes at the  Marshall there, So the next day we took a trip there and unfortunately I didn't find them.

 But I found a Nail salon that was selling polishes too and I found many HTF polishes for regular price!! That salon is my new go to place  mostly because they order new polishes every 2 weeks and its pretty deserted so alot of the display look untouched. They are gonna order me some more China Glaze OMG's because they didn't let me buy their 2nite of them.

OPI Absolutely Alice (back up bottle)
China Glaze LOL (only cost me $6.50)
OPI Gargantuan green grape
KleanColor Silver star
KleanColor Twinkly love

I'm going to be calling the Salon this week to order me a couple of things if your interested in something let me know. They have many New and old OPIs, China Glazes and Essie.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Organizing Stash (pic heavy)

Ive been having alot of trouble keeping my stash organized because I get so many polish that I easily run out of space. A couple of weeks ago I asked how many polishes fit in a helmer because I had out grown my bookshelf. I have between 450-500 polishes and a fellow blogger that has a helmer said that it holds between 500-600 polishes. So I sent my hubby to buy me 2 Ikea Helmers (one for backup). He was such a trooper he took that long ride in the rain to get them for me. He started to build it but he's could not complete it so I took over and finished the Helmer. 

Here he is building

It was pretty easy to build got it down in about 30 minutes. I then added some rubber shelf liners to keep the bottles from sliding and started filling it up. I separated the polish by brands.

Zoya, OPI, Nicole by OPI

China Glaze

Sally Hansen, Elf, Wet N Wild, Milani, Revlon

Color Club, Sinful Colors, Orly, Essie

Claire's, Cover Girl, Del Sol, NYC, Mood Struck ect...

Top Shelf (Lippmann polishes and HTFs

So as you see I have plenty of space left and now all my polishes are protect and what my hubby likes the best is that they are hidden. 


So after all the re-organizing I had an empty book shelf and racks. I decide to display all my mini nail polishes.
My Minis arent they cute!

Since I was already in a re-organizing mood I wanted to do my nail art drawer over too. I took a trip to target got some little cute bins and drawer oragnizers in the dollar section and her what that looks like.


What do you use to keep your nail supplies organized??