Sunday, February 27, 2011

Del Sol Ruby Slippers

I recently bought a couple Del Sol nail polishes because they gotta be the coolest thing ever. Theses put mood polishes to shame. Del Sol nail polishes change in the sun and usually have a drastic color change. The one I'm going to show you today is Ruby Slippers its a silver glitter polish indoors and once you step outside it turns a redish/pink. It is pretty sheers since its a sliver glitter polish I don't like to see my nail line so I did a little konad and stamped the tips with hearts.

3 coats, top coat and stamped with Konad white


I absolutely love these polishes Ill be getting more since spring is right around the corner. I got so many compliment and questions about this polish it might just be on my top favorite polishes now. My kids at work were amazed and first thought I change nail polish colors in less then 10 mins. of them seeing my nails. Have any of you tried these out before?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The reason I've been so busy

The reason Ive been so busy was due to my job schedule Ive been working longer hours to better our Clubhouse by making it more colorful and inviting. Last Summer I wanted to do a mural in the Art room with the kids ideas and this is the final product.


I drew and painted all the characters they were all  picked by the kids except Sandy (Tokidoki) that was my pick :-).

I decided on doing another and this time it was for our Kitchen and I really wasn't sure what to do and my co-worker suggested fish so I went with a Koi fish pond. I did some quick sketches on the wall.

Theses are my super rough sketches its really just to see where I'm placing everything. I worked day and night for a full week. I'm still now done but this is what I have so far. I'm not the greatest artist but I try.

Still got some work to do but I'm happy with how its coming out. Ill be adding some flowers and lily pads to fill in some of the empty space. Once I'm done with this one I'll start working on my air brushing to another mural in our Gameroom for teens. That will be my biggest project so I will probably start in the summer. Hope you guys like my work and understand why I haven't been blogging much.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Huge Haul!

I am BACK! sorry for being such a horrible blogger I just haven't had much time this past week to blog because of my hectic job schedule but that doesn't mean I haven't been hauling and doing my nails almost everyday. I wanna apologize for the horrible pictures I have lost my camera's battery charger so Ive been using my cell phone.

So to start off I wanna show you my haul from Victoria's Nail Supply. They have suburb service Ive made many orders with them and it been perfect every time. I absolutely love them to top it off they have the cheapest prices of all etailers!

 Color Club Poptastic
Mrs. Robinson
Almost Famous
Factory Girl
Wham! Pow!
MODern girl
Jackie OH!
Essie Mint candy apple
Essie Funky Limelight (the brightest neon ever)
Color Club Wild at heart
China Glaze Ahoy!
CND Stickey base coat
China Glaze Fast Forward top coat (free w/code)

Next up is a wonderful eBay Seller from the UK Sue Lloyd she sells a wide variety of Nail foils and rhinestones. She sells them on eBay but displays her foils on her site I bought 10 foils with 100 free rhinestones for $8-$10. I then check out her eBay store again and seen that she added a new item and it was a set that came with 10 foils, adhesive, sealer, orange stick and a wheel of 8 different rhinestones I of course couldn't resist. She ships super fast got my package and was surprised with extras for my girls at work. I cant wait to run out to order again because I love friendly people with great service.


While on Ebay looking a nail polish I ran into Del Sol polishes these are polishes that change color in the sun. I looked at a couple of swatches online and picked out 3 that I really liked because of their drastic change and their sparkle. I'm really excited about theses mostly because spring is right around the corner.

Ruby Slipper (turns pink/red)
Trick-O-Treat (turns black)
Rockstar (turns green)
Now finally what Ive been stalking for a month or so waiting for it to go on pre-order China Glaze Crackles! I got mines on Transdesign  they went on pre-order last Wednesday and would be shipped Friday and I knew that they would go fast so ordered them that night I got the whole collection. and since I was placing an ordered I decided to get some more practice fingers and acrylic paint.

China Glaze Crackle Glaze
Fault Line
Broken Hearted
Crushed Candy
Lightning bolt
Cracked Concrete
Black Mesh

Acrylic Paint

Almost forgot the drugstore polishes I got they all came from different store's cant remember which came from what store. I forgot to get a picture of Petites Black Diamond (black holo)

Nicole by OPI Love your life
Revlon Gold coin
Wet N Wild Party f five glitters
Jesse's Girl JulieG

That's everything probably won't get anything in a while unless its on my wishlist might get the a few polishes from the 2 new Color Club collections. I'll be back soon :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Essie Haul

I recently got some mini Essie from Ulta because they were on sale. That was the first Essie polishes I really liked the color and the application of them. Essie polishes never popped out to me because the color seem to be very boring and work friendly and that is not my style. Then I started looking at some of the colors they had  now and in the past. That's when I fell in love with their 2009 summer neon collection and heard such great things about them but they are no longer available :( I'm still on the hunt for those.Then I found Essie Bermuda shorts which was discontinued and I got it for a good price on Nail Beauty 4U on amazon. I hate having to pay shipping for one polish so I couldn't resist and bought some more. I also got Essie Resort collection for a steal ! 4 full size bottles for $10.50 while in store one bottle of Essie polishes are $8. I couldn't pass that up!

Essie Resort collection and Essie Bermuda Shorts

I absolutely recommend Nail Beauty 4U because they have a wide variety of polishes and supplies for a good price. Ive order from them many times from OPI to Konad they have it all most of their Konad products are cheaper then anywhere else. There shipping is extremely fast and package everything real well.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Mani's

I am back sorry for the lack of post but Ive been extremely busy with my organizations annual report that  is due tomorrow. So I finally came up for air from 4 different clubs data to show you some Valentine day manis. First my co-worker asked me to do her nails to go to New Jersey for the weekend to celebrate her anniversary with her boyfriend. She wanted a black and white design and this is what I came up with. I also applied brush on gel nails because she had nubbins.

One coat of Wet N Wild Black creme
stamped with Konad white special polish and Sally Hansen Pink jade chrome
Image plates: M73 and BM02
(please excuse her horrible over grown cuticles she did not let me get rid of them and
 I couldn't push them back anymore)

I added a little glitter to her nails.

Now I didn't really have much time to do my own nails so I kept it simple. I just recently got a bunch of Essie polishes and the one I been dying to try was the discontinued Essie Bermuda shorts. I had that all week and decided to make is more Valentines dayish so I added 2 accent fingers with Konad white special polish and but a lips on my ring and thumb from BM02.

3 coats of Essie Bermuda Shorts
1 coat of Seche Vite

Accent finger lips from BM02 with Konad's white special polish

That's all for now I got some haul post coming up!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pink Overload!

Today my cousin came to me wanting me to do her nails. I of course said yes because I love being able to try some of my untried. I asked her what she had in mind and she seen my nails with the glitter accent finger and she wanted the same idea but different colors. I asked what color and she said a make me happy color. My cousin couldn't pick a color of what she calls a make me happy color. So I picked out Zoya Happi if that's not a make me happy color then it didn't live up to its name lol.. as for the accent finger she picked out OPI Teenage Dream.

3 coats of Happi with OPI start to finish
3 coats of Teenage dream with Seche Vite

She loved them and will probably wear it till the last piece of nail polish on her nails. I hope Zoya polishes last with the OPI start to finish then I wont have to buy their Color Lock System.