Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Patchwork mani

I was extremely bored last night and needed some ideas of what to do with my nails. I didn't want to do any Konad or any difficult freehand design. I was reading everyone's blogs and I ran into a post by Chloe of Chloe's Nails of a Patchwork mani. I thought to myself how do you do that without it being to messy and I read on and she made a wonderful tutorial! So I followed it step by step and here's what I got.

I used China Glaze Pool Party,
Wet N Wild Black,
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple diamond 

Mani reminded me of the 80s so I decided to put on a 3 finger ring.

I got into it with a shovel and as you can see the shovel won!

I think this was very sucessful thank to the wonderful tutorial by Chloe! Check out her blog she has great designs. 

Milani Purple Gleam and Blue Flash

I absolutely love glitters and Milani One coats glitters are my dream come true. I don't mind doing 1-4 coats with glitters but I am very impatient sometimes and as most know if your coat is not dry before you start a new coat its going to drag which sucks! So a one coat glitters is the best my perfect polish. Purple gleam and Blue flash are beautiful they have some black glitter in it that make them very unique then any of my other blue and purple glitters. These polishes dry gritty but a top coat fixes that problem.

Used one of my girls at work as my hand model

With Top Coat

 My new favorite polishes!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Mini Haul

So I had banned myself from buying nail polish for month of December because I had alot of Christmas gifts to buy. I did pretty good but I received some Christmas money from a couple family members and my boss so with Christmas money your suppose to buy stuff for yourself most of the money went to buying clothes but I could help but buy some polishes.

* Hawaiian Makeup bag (to carry my nail essentials from place to place)
* Milani Purple gleams
*Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Sonic Boom
*Sally Hansen Insta-Dri french manicure Purple pop/Lickety-split lime
*Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Quick Sand
* Sinful colors Hottie
* Sinful colors frenzy
* Revlon Purplex x2
* Color Club Revvvolution
* Claire's gold glitter top coat
* Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle remover

I got alot of these is drug stores like CVS and Walgreens the rest at Claire's and Christmas Tree Shop (which is now my go to store!). During my crazy Christmas shopping I stopped at Christmas tree shop to get some bags for the gifts and I wondered into the cosmetic section and found this huge wall of polishes and all nail accessories! I was in awe when I seen they had Color club! I have never seen Color club in any store before I was beyond excited because now I don't have to order them online instead of paying for shipping I could be buying another polish.
I also got a couple of polishes for Christmas from my cousin and co-worker.

* L.A. Color craze Radiation
* L.A. Color craze Atomic (already have it so Ill probably give it away)
* L.A. Color craze Shock
* Milani Gold glitz
* 5 Color Club art club stripers

My Birthday is right around the corner so I will be doing some massive hauls! Can't wait till January to start crossing out a lot of stuff of my wish list. So many polishes being released in January so ill probably go back to doing my Sunday haul posts. I plan on crossing out half of my wish list by the end of January!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beautyburg's New Year's Giveaway

Beautyburg is having an amazing giveaway for the new years. This giveaway is huge take a look.

What you get if you win: (not everything is in the picture)
Benefit Coralista blush
China Glaze Party Hearty Nail Polish
China Glaze Oh, Ruby Deer set - with Ruby Deer, Sugar Plums nail polishes
China Glaze Rejoice! Set - Mistletoe Kisses and Mrs. Claus lacquer with holiday candle
Milani Jewel FX in 530 Gems
MAC Blue Ming Nail Lacquer
OPI Burlesque Glimmer & Shimmer Set - Let Me Entertain You and Show It & Glow It lacquers with 1 Body Shimmer
OPI Couture Color 3 Mini Set
OPI Ulta Exclusive in Gift of Gold
OPI Ulta Exclusive in Plum Full of Cheer
Nars Zulu Nail Polish
Nars Mash Nail Polish
Sally Hansen Xtreme Beauty Kit - with Night Lights
Sephora by OPI 18 Minis Collection
Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Confetti
Wet n' Wild Megalast Nail Color in Blackmail

Check out this giveaway

Sally Hansen Sonic Boom

Quick post this was the nails I had for last week that I didn't have time to post. I will have more time to do nails and post this week because I'm on VACATION!!  I recently got sonic boom with some Christmas money I got from my aunt. It applies great just like all the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's I then top it of with some Sally Hansen Diamond strength Diamonds. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND!! Milani one coat glitters and Jewel FX

Ok so I have been searching high and low for Milani's one coat glitters, I went to all the CVS near me and made a bunch of phone calls to further away ones and after a week and a half I still had no luck. I was telling my wonderful boyfriend how I couldn't find them and that I was gonna have to do some swaps for them on Makeup Alley. So last night my boyfriend was at the drugstore getting his favorite cookies and I asked him to see if they had the nail polishes there and they weren't there. I then asked if he could stop at another CVS on the way over my house. He did and then told me he found them! I didn't believe him because he likes to play with my emotions when it come to nail polish. So I asked him to send me a picture of the display.

He asked me which ones I wanted and I asked for Blue Flash and Purple Gleam. I passed on the warm gold and the silver dazzle. So I was beyond happy but my happiness turned into complete bliss the next morning. My wonderful amazing boyfriend had gone to another CVS and bought me the rest of the collection (red sparkle,gold and gem) I had tears in my eyes when I saw them lol..

Red Sparkle, Purple gleam, Blue Flash, Jewel Fx Gold and Gem

Jewel FX Gold and Gem takes about 4 coats to cover

This is 2 coats without a top coat.
Aren't they beautiful!

These are soo amazing! For a glitter to cover completely on one to two coats is my dream come true. I love glitters but I hate having to do coat after coat and 5 coats later your done. They dry pretty fast and dry a little gritty but a nice top coat fixes that and makes it pretty and shiny.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sawan Giveaway!!!!!

Sawan is having a wonderful Christmas giveaway. This has to be the biggest/bestest giveaway EVER!!!!! It has Nfu Oh polishes!!! Here's what you can win.
  •  Your Choice of Everyday Panty!!!!
  • Strawberry Kiwi Cuticle Oil
  • OPI Summer Flutter Minis
  • Borghese Minis
  • Sandy Nail File
  • Bonbon Mini Gloss
  • Travel Size Berry Vanilla & Coconut Vanilla BBW Lotions
  • The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter
  • Sula Paint and Peel Polishes
  • Man Glaze | Matte is Murder
  • Beach Black | Dickweed
  • Milani | Dress Maker
  • $OPI | Full Moon
  • Set of Island Girl Mood Polises
  • Accessorize | Pink Spice (Similar to MAC's Bad Fairy)
  • Mini Orly | Velvet Rope
  • Some Body Shop Samples
  • Body Shop Gift tin with Hand Care Items inside
  • Body Shop Shower Pouf
  • Wooden Cuticle Sticks
  • Sheet of Nail Stickers and Jewels
  • Nfu Oh Layering Polishes
  • Nfu Oh Metallic Polishes
  • Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover
  • Nfu Oh Aqua Base
  • Nfu Oh Holos
  • Essie Fall Minis
  • Lip Smackers Coconut Julius Gloss
  • Urban Decay | Gimlet
  • MAC | Marine Life Highlighting Powder
Some items not photographed
  • RBL | Scrangie 
  • Del Sol | Island Fever 
  • Lush | Lemony Flutter
  • Speck iPhone4 Case
  • The other Nfu Oh Holos (The winner will receive all six colors)
  • Inglot | AMC Lipgloss #542
  • Fruits and Passion Reusable Shopping Bag
Here's a picture!

Visit her blog for rules to enter!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NOTD: Ruby deer and Party hearty

I finally decided to do a holiday mani.. Im always so late on everything when it comes to the holidays. I haven't even started christmas shopping. So today I grabbed China Glaze Ruby deer and Party Hearty and took it to go. I painted my nails while I was on a webinar at work lol.. I took the pictures with my phone and im writing this on the bus with my new blogger app.
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

NOTD: Across the Universe

I finally got the beautiful Lippmann polish Across the universe and I didn't wanna use it till my nails were a little longer. I couldn't wait so I decided to use some glue on nails. I glued them on pretty quick and started painting my nails I got to to the 3rd coat and it looked good to me so I was ready for some Seche Vite in the process of adding my top coat my new puppy started acting up and I smudge a little. I tried to hide it with a quick design on my accent finger.

3 coats and Seche Vite

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Collection.

So I was getting a little annoyed with they way I was storing my nail polishes. Ive been hauling a lot of polishes so it has gotten harder to keep track of them. So a while ago I showed you my home made nail polish rack and my Train case I of course ran out of room pretty quick. So then I bought a book shelf for my nails polishes and any and everything else but books lol... So I just recently re-arranged my polishes.
Take a look!

 Arranged by brand

 Home made polish rack

 My minis and stripers

OPI Train case with polishes and supplies

How do you store your polishes? So far this is working out OK but I get easily bored with how things look and I'll eventually re-organize it. I would love some ideas for when that happens.The way I have it now it doesn't seem like I have that many polishes which is good and maybe people will stop telling me I have a problem :-)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last weeks Haul.

This haul post has been on my computer for almost a whole week cause I hadn't had time to blog about it because of the new puppy. So on Black Friday I took a trip to Nordtrom to get my 2 Lippmann polishes I didn't get the week before.

Lippmann Polishes
Across the Universe
Happy Birthday

I also took a trip to Ulta to pick up the rest of the Essence Denim wanted collection polishes that I liked and also found Orly polish that was on my wish list.

Orly Lollipop
Essence Forever mine
Essence I love my jeans

Last but not least I found a great cheap find! I went into a new store that just opened that has everything you could possibly need for cheap Its called Ocean State Job Lot. While going through the store I found the nail polish section and and they had a whole bunch of different polishes but what excited me was they had Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure polishes for only $2. At any drug store you would be paying $7-$9 for the exact same polish.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Lagoon 

This will be my last haul post for a while. I have gone a little crazy and I need to save up some money and Christmas is around the corner so ill be buying for other instead of myself.


This past week has been beyond busy! I haven't been able to pay my nails or nail polish any attention due to work, moving and a new member to my family. My boyfriend bought us a puppy this past weekend and all of my attention has been on him. Meet our 4 month old Red nose pitbull Rozay (yes like the champagne) He is very friendly and energetic so he requires alot of attention and space that why we decided to move.

He is finally settling in to his new home so I am able to do some delayed posts.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOTD: Absolutely Alice

I got Absolutely Alice yesterday in the mail along with the rest of the Alice in wonderland collection and I could not wait to see it on my nails. My favorite color is blue and this polish gotta be the most beautiful blue glitter ever. Ive gotten many glitters lately but this beat all of them by far! I tried taking good pics but none of them do it justice its soo much more beautiful in person.

OPI Absolutely Alice

Had to put my new little Hello Kitty in there

Broke a nail playing volleyball :-(

Monday, November 22, 2010


This past week I didn't buy any polishes because I was only gonna buy 2 Lippmann polishes from Nordstrom on Saturday but unfortunately that didn't happen. So instead I took a trip out to Ulta which the whole time that Ulta had been there I had never gone in. Ulta is great they had all brands of polishes in one stop! and I got some great deals I even got a OPI start to finish coat for free for spending $17 of OPI products which is very easy to do. I got all these polishes from Ulta, Walgreens, American Apparel and a lovely eBay seller.

Shrek-Tacular minis (*)
*What's with the cattitude?
*Fiercely Fiona
*Rumple's Wiggin
*Who the Shrek Are You?
Funky Donkey
Mad as a Hatter
Absolutely Alice
Simmer & Shimmer
Thanks so Muchness!
Off with her Red!
Start to Finish ($12 polish for Free)

I've been wanting the Shrek collection for a while but not sure which ones so I thought I could test theses out to make my selection I knew I had to have Funky Donkey. I got 2 glitters from The Burlesque collection and after buying all of this from Ulta I got the base/top coat for free. I also got 4 polishes from the Alice and wonderland collection which the 2 glitters are extremely hard to find and go for alot. I got lucky and found a lovey eBay seller that was selling all 4 from less then $40 which is a deal because Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice go for at least $45 together.

                                                                       Wet N' Wild

Black Creme x2
White creme
Rudolph (with top coat)
Prancer (with top coat) x2
Dancer (with top coat)

These's are all from Walgreen they are $0.99-$1.99 each as you see I got more then one of the Black creme and of Prancer, I like to get back ups of good cheap polishes just in case they stop selling them or something happens to my bottles. The black creme gotta be the best black polish ever it covers in one coat! Prancer I'm going to use to make a Franken that will be a dupe of Lippmanns Ruby Red Slippers.

                              American Apparel/Essence
American Apparel Summer Peach
American Apparel Malibu green
American Apparel Butter
Essence Fivepocket grey
Essence High Waist pink

Essence polishes came from Ulta for pretty cheap I was gonna get the whole Denim Wanted collection but I decided on 2 a grey polish which is my 1st and a pretty pink. Sunday I took a trip to Newbury St. in Boston I had to go into American Apparel and get the polishes on my wish list. I had to buy the Butter tester because it was the last one and I had to have it! They had a sale 3 for $15.

NYC Flat Iron green
Orly Purple Crush mini
Sinful Colors mini collection (*)
*Canary Yellow
*Love nails
*Let's Talk
*San Francisco
*Sugar Sugar
Hello Kitty nail polish and stickers
Nicole by OPI Bring on the tinsel

I love mini polish they come in handy when your on the go. This is the 1st time I seen sinful colors in mini bottles they jumped on the band wagon too I see. NYC polish is horrible very watery still kinda like the polish but I'm probably gonna get rid of it as soon as I get a polish of the same color. The Hello kitty polish I got was just for the stickers and the hello kitty figure. Nicole by OPI Bring on the tinsel Ive been searching for this polish for the past 2 weeks and I finally found it when I went to Ulta after reading a blogger say she got it at Ulta. That's all I got in this past weekend I really think I got a serious problem! Running out of space to put all these polishes.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Haul coming soon

I usually do my haul post on Sundays but most of the polishes I acquired this week was during the weekend and I will be getting a package tomorrow of some more polishes. I will be doing my haul post tomorrow there is a lot in this haul, new polishes, old polishes, hard to find polishes, Fraken dupe polish and good cheap polishes that everyone should have in their collection.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NOTD. Rockstar pink tips

This past week has been very busy I barely had time to pay my nails some attention thank god I had a pretty tough nail polish on, Marquee Moon lasted almost as week with minor chips. I wanted to show you the removal it was kinda interesting that I had to take a picture of it.

All the sequins stayed on!

So finally today I got to do my nails, Ive been buying a lot of glitters lately so I wanted to use one in a different way. I decided on using Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Rockstar pink and did only the tips. I used french guides to do this and did 2 thick coats of Rockstar Pink with 2 coats of Seche top coat between each layer.

I really like how this came out I'm gonna start going this more often.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOTD. Marquee Moon

Marquee is my 2nd Lippmann collection polish I picked this one up at Nordstrom and as you probably know these polishes are very pricey so I had to beg my boyfriend to allow me to get it. I let him pick the polish it was this one or Across the Universe. He picked Marquee Moon because he thought I didn't have a silver polish (which I do but whatever gets me another polish works for me) Ill be back for the other one next week.

Marque Moon has a metallic silver base with large silver sequins that is opaque in 2 coats. The sequins make this polish a little hard to work with but as long you don't go over the same spot right away you should be fine. I didn't know that at first so I was dragging the sequins off my nail. The unique things about this polish is that you will never gets the same amount of sequins on each nail and this was what Deborah Lippmann intended.

(sorry for the bad quality picture I couldn't find my camera)

After applying the polish I decided to make it a little more glittery so I wanted to try out China Glaze Wireless Holographic top coat.

Still wasn't satisfied so I added a little Konad design on my ring finger from
 Image plate M79 with Konad white special polish


So this week I went a little crazy I got my package from eBay with a whole bunch of polishes on my wish list, some from my local drug stores and finally one lovely from Nordstrom. I separated them by brand this time.


Orly Matte Vinyl
Orly Viridian Vinyl from the Plastix collection
Orly Bonder
Orly Space cadet from the FX collection
Orly Galaxy Girl from the FX collection


OPI Alpine Snow Matte
OPI Black Cherry Chutney
OPI Catch me in your net
OPI My Private Jet

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Rockstar pink
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Purple Pizzazz
Sally Hansen Limited Edition Complete Salon Manicure Fedora 

Oh, Ruby Deer 2010 China Glaze holiday set
Sugar Plums
Ruby Deer
China Glaze Peppermint cuticle oil
China Glaze Wireless Holographic top coat

Lippmann Collection
Lippmann Collection Marquee Moon

All of theses polishes were under $10 except Marquee Moon I had to beg my boyfriend to allow me to get that one! I absolutely love all of the colors I got except China Glaze Ruby Deer just because I have many similar reds so I might give that one to my girls. That is all for this week I will be getting more Lippmann collection polishes next week I have pre begged for those already. My boyfriend already thinks I have a problem but  after I showed him Babbling Brooke's blog post of her nail polish collection which is 540 deep he no longer will say anything when I buy a nail polish.