Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kaleidoscope him out

Hello Ladies I have a real treat to show you today. I was lucky enough to have been able to swap with Tara from Tough as Nails, and Twice as pretty we are both in a facebook group Polish-aholics Anonymous and she posted some China Glaze Kaleidoscope polishes. I could not resit and swap for Kaleidoscope him out. The day I got I could not take of my other mani off fast enough to apply this one. It went on smooth in 2 coats I used Orly Bonder as my base coat because I heard it better for Holo polishes and I actually didn't have a top coat with me so I didn't apply one. Even without a top coat this polish stayed on for about 3 days with very minor chipping. I actually took its off because I had an important meeting and didn't think a holo polish was appropriate. When I had it on I could not stop looking at my nails!! I'm starting to like scattered holos a little better. I took a lot of pictures in different lighting's

Blurry to see the holoness

Thanks again to Tara for swapping this polish. I will make sure to give it much love lol.. I plan on hunting down more of the China Glaze Kaleidoscope polish because of their great scattered holo effect. What Holographic effect do you like most Linear or scattered? 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Haul + swap

This past week I got a whole bunch of nail mail! After many complaints and argument with the Post office they finally got things right and my packages came. I think everything I got this week I ordered online because I haven't had time to go to Ulta or any other store. First up is all the Klean Colors I had on my wishlist. One of the lovely ladies in a Nail polish group I'm in on facebook posted a link to a website that sell Klean colors for $1.75 so I ran to the computer and got to ordering. I ended up getting 11 polishes.

                                                               Beauty Joint
top left to right
Afternoon Picnic, Firework, Chunky holo black, Chunky holo bluebell, Chunky holo fuchsia, Blue-eyed girl, pink fairy, party fever, pinky moon, city never sleeps and blind date

Barielle Falling star
Barielle Elle's spell
Ive been waiting for these Barielle's for weeks I finally decided to call them because I never received them and they sent out another package and I got them 2 days later. I got these when they were having their sale not sure how much was each but I know I paid $10 all together.

The most exciting nail mail of all! My 1st Nfu Oh's and Cult nails

Nfu Oh #51, #53, #61, #65 (thanks to the ladies in Polish-aholics Anonymous that informed me that the holos were coming back in stock!) $12.50 each. (free shipping to the US)
Captivate I really wanted this color and I could've had this color for a cheaper price turn out that it has a dupe Icings Tiger's blood oh well. $10 + Shipping

Swap w/ Ash Lilly
Barry M lipgloss, Barry M Blue moon, Barry M Peach Melba, Barry M Pink Iridescent
Gosh Lavender Love, Gosh neon baby, Rose earings, Elegant touch Nail stickers
and Andrea Fulerton Trio (purple/flakie+glitter)

That's all for this week still waiting on some other swaps that are on their way! I'm glad you ladies enjoy my hauls I don't do them to brag about what I got but just to share some great deals and shop to shop at. I love reading haul post mostly from international bloggers because I don't know much about other brands and I always find something to add to my wishlist to later swap for. swatches coming soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in your Purse?

So I loved seeing the What's in your purse tag and I said what the hell Ill do it too. So here my Purse

Dump your purse, answer the questions, and tag 5 bloggers to find out what's in their purse!

Where did you get your purse, and how long have you had it?
My purse is from H&M and Ive had it for a day lol.. I have somewhat of a bag and wallet addicting too.
What are 3 must-haves in your purse? (Not including keys and wallet)
Chap stick, Agenda book and head phones
What is something you should have in your purse right now, but don't?
Umm. I'm missing my trail mix and Kool-aid mix in packets
What is the thing you have the most of in your purse right now?
lip stuff and keys 

So as you can see my purse is really big and packed with a lot. I usually carry my Net Book too so today just happen to be a light day. I change wallets and purses very often and they usually match each other as well as my clothes today I didn't have time to change wallets to a blue one. Here is a closer look at everything in my purse. 

Here is my cosmetic bag that I got in a swap with IrishEnchantment from If it shines its mine 
my stuff is seperated in 2 sides one for nails and the other is or general stuff.

Nail Side: Lush Lemony flutter, cuticle pusher, files, acetone wipes, top coats, base coats and China Glaze kaleidoscope him out.

General side: Face cleanser, Nivea lotion, body spray, Tokidoki mini hair brush and mirror, heel softener and a bunch or chap stick and lip gloss (a Barry M one from Ash-lly) 

Here is my life! My tokidoki planner cant go anywhere without it, My hello kitty notebook where I keep track of my nail mail and swaps, business cards, sticky notes and pens.

Here is a lot of my technology and randomness 
I have 3 sets of keys one for my job and since I'm in process of moving I have 2 sets of house keys. I have a knife because my Hubby makes me carry it since I walk home late. A External hard drive and a usb drive I don't know why I have storage devices lol.. 

I hope you guys enjoy seeing whats in my purse I am tagging anyone else that hasn't done this tag already. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shatters + Bottles by Shadow

I wanted to play with my new shatters so  I  did a quick mani I applied Revlon Royal then took out my Turquoise shatter and then thought to do some accent nails but i was pretty tired so I ended just using silver shatter for accent nails. It didn't feel complete so I added some glitter! I did one coat of Cover girl boundless color city lights and a coat of seche vite to smooth it out.

So I recently arranged a swap with Rebecca from rebecca likes nails and one of the the polishes in the swap was her beautiful fraken that she later named Rebecca likes cupcake. I had made an order from and with that order I had got some empty bottles for Rebecca and to try to do a franken. As I was packing her stuff I had an AHA moment I thought to myself I sometime buy polishes because I like the shape of the decoration of the bottle so why not decorate the bottle.. I already had an idea of what I was going to draw because Rebecca love hello kitty like I do and her fraken is called Rebecca likes cupcakes so why not make a Hello Kitty Cupcake. I decided I would draw the outline with a sharpie and then design the entire thing with nail polish. Here is the begin of the the process

Here is all the polishes I used.

Final Product

After the polishes dried I added a coat of Seche Vite to give it some protection.I love how it turned out I almost kept it for myself but It was Rebecca's fraken that inspired this creation so she deserves it. I will be making more of these. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Glitter sandwich

I been wanting to do a glitter sandwich for some weeks now and I finally got around to it. I wanted a real summery glitter sandwich So when I think of summer I think of yellow. It was perfect because  had just bought L'oreal Yellow seahorse which is a jelly polish it was perfect for what i had in mind. Yellow seahorse is  bright yellow with gold shimmer, The polish is a bit thick and streaky but manageable. I did 3 coats of the polish first toI show you the color.

Then I removed it and did a coat of Color Club I always get my Man-darin (sorry I forgot to take picture of it) then did one coat of Milani Gems (pink version) and topped it with a coat of Yellow seahorse.

What color do you wear during the summer? I use my neons, yellows, pinks and of course holos!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

China Glaze 2nite

Today I'm going to be showing you one of my top lemmings that I finally killed. A week ago I went dusty hunting which going to salons and looking for older discontinued polishes. The China Glaze OMG's and kaleidoscopes are pretty easy to spot since they have silver caps. I spotted 2nite and asked one of the nail tech about buying it.She first looked at me like I was crazy and then tried to find me a new bottle but no luck I insisted on buying that bottle so she added some thinner to the polish and let have it for $1.50.  I left that salon skipping. I couldn't wait to wear it unfortunately there was no sun for a couple days. I didn't use a base coat and applied 2 coats of 2nite and 1 coat of China glaze FF top coat. OK on to the Holo goodness!

I'm in love with this polish! What are your favorite holos?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So this is what I have acquired in the last couple of weeks Its not alot which is good because as you all know I am out of control. I just completed 3 swaps so I am awaiting alot of Nail mail as well as my 1st Nfu ohs, NYX girls, Barielle's and some Kleancolors. The polish I got this week were all very cheap because I went Dusty hunting I managed to find brand new polish as well as used polishes in Nail salons in Boston. First I'm gonna show you some nail stuff I found at Forever 21.

Love & Beauty glitter polishes
Designed false nails

I found the rest of these is different salons all brand new! Some of these polish go for an arm and a leg on ebay so it was a big score for me!
OPI What's Dune?
OPI Shim-merry chic
OPI Midnight blue glitter
China Glaze Gr8
China Glaze LOL

OPI Turquoise shatter
OPI red shatter
OPI Blue shatter

The next two are used and I got them for $1.50 each because they are used and needed thinner. The OPI one is a mystery polish I love the color I looked for the label and it wasn't there. I posted pictures of it on facebook to help figure out what it could be all the ladies were really helpful and they all said it could be OPI blue moon lagoon because it is holo but not as strong and it could also be OPI Go on green. I love the color and I'm just gonna call it Mystery lol..

OPI Mystery salon polish
China Glaze 2nite

Can you believe that's all I got in this whole time ! I was shocked! Have you ladies ever gone Dusty hunting? Do you know what Dusty Hunting is?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

I have a new favorite polish!! Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Pacific Blue is such a unique color It looks nothing like any of my polishes. The color is  blue but it leaning toward purple too.  I got so many compliments on this polish that I even wore it all week which is very rare for me I did remix it a little with some stamping.
The polish was a little running but its very pigmented only needed one coat and was super shiny!

1 coat and top coat

Stamped tip design from Konad plate M44 with Gosh Holographic
and a star from BM206

Whats your favorite blue polish? My favorite color is blue so it hard for me to pick just one but this one takes the cake!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nic Sticks Rainbows End

A couple of week ago I ran into some Nic sticks in a 5 pack for $6.99 this was the first time I had ever bought theses kind on polishes in a pen. I opened the pack and started to swatch the colors I got to Rainbows End and I thought it was just a tan polish to my surprise it was a tan holo!!! Look at this gorgeous holo!
Look at that HOLO!!!!

2 coat and top coat

I could not believe I got such a beautiful color for so cheap! I really love these polishes because I am always polishing my nails on the go and this make it sooo much easier. Do you ladies polish your nails on the go? I polish my nails everywhere train, bus, work basically where ever I can. I have gotten complaints because  some people are offended by the smell but these are perfect they don't have a harsh smell.