Sunday, July 10, 2011

Im back!! with swatches of my Barry M's

I am back! Sorry for being such a bad blogger but life got in the way. I recently moved so it was pretty crazy around here and moving 2 Helmers full of polish was not fun. In this crazy move I broke pretty much all my nails so Im back to rocking nubbins. I have recently completed most of my international swaps just have 2 left and I now have a bunch of new Euro polishes. Rebecca from rebecca likes nails was interested in getting some Barry M so here is my collection of Barry Ms.
Peach Melba 2 coats 

Grey 2 coats 

Blue Moon 3 coats

Mint green 2 coats edit the color to get the accurate color)

Now for some glitter

Holograms 1 coats 

Pink Iridescent 2 coats

Last but not least Barry M crackles:

That is all my Barry M which I got from swaps from Ash-lilly and Irishenchantment. Barry M polishes can actually be purchased online and they do ship to the US. I love the color I got and I will be ordering some soon. Have you ladies tried Barry M polishes?


  1. thanks for this!! i'm trying so hard not to give in and buy them! hahaha

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  3. Welcome back! I really like all these colors! Peach Melba and the blue crackle are definite faves though

  4. I have a few of these :-) I didn't think much of Peach Melba when I saw it in the shops but it looks really nice on you!

  5. Awesome! =] Be expecting a couple more in the next week =]

  6. Blue crackle is one of my favs too!

    Thanks Laura

    Sara: I cant wait to see what you got me.

    Rebecca: Your welcome. Give in you can never have enough polishes!

  7. That blue over the white is the best IMO! I love it :)