Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 2-3 of 30 day of untried challenge

Todays untrieds are brand spanking new just got them this past week. I finally gave in a bought an Illamasqua polish and I picked Jo'Mina since they didn't have Obsses. I love this polish its so bright and pretty and to top it off the application was great now I see why people like Illamasqua polishes. This is 2 coats of Jo'mina.

After wearing this polish for a day I decided I wanted to add something to it so why not use another new polish that I woke up extra early to order for me and my polish bestie Jen and only 275 people own this limited edition polish nothing else but Cult Nails Unicorn puke. I added a coat over Jo'mina unfortunately I didn't get any pic of it in the sun so apologize for the sucky pictures.


  1. My favorite nail polish color is purple, but more specifically, light purple. Jo'Mina looks absolutely amazing! I'm definitely adding it to my wish list.

  2. The layering turned out nice. It looks gorgeous .

  3. Love the purple nail polish ! I am also a Hello Kitty lover and I think your blog is very nice, I would like to invite you to my blog, check it out and if you like it we could follow each other ! Kisses

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