Thursday, October 6, 2011


Its been a while since I posted my hauls so I decided to just show you everything I got in September. Ive gotten less polishes then I usually do and instead bought more acrylics stuff and some stuff to give frankening a try. 
Target, Dollar store, Sallys


Glitter Gal Light as a feather bottle comparison (its tiny)


Glitter (containers are from the dollar store)

Dusty Find 
China Glaze Crystal Ball
China Glaze No way Jose 

One DS Glamour for me and one for my polish bestie Jen

Wet N Wild On the Prowl (thanks to the best polish friends ever)

 MUA Swap

 Rue 21, Icing, and Hot topics

TKB order, Swap and Hits Lambada from a group order


Sparkle nail Design 

That is pretty much everything I bought last month might have missed a polish or two but they must have not been very memorable to have added them in here lol.. I killed a bunch of huge lemmings like DS glamour, Nubar reclaim, OPI SRO and Opening night gold. I never thought I would own theses beauties but I searched high and low and managed to finally get them. Sorry I wasn't specific on names of polishes but its alot to name so if you have a question about and polish, a shop or prices feel free to ask. With so many new polishes its hard picking what to use first so I needed a little help anything you ladies wanna see?


  1. All this!
    I want these hello kitty polishes but here in France we can't find them..
    Have fun with all this!

  2. super duper haul!

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  3. wow, great haul, and omg, you got opening night gold, this is my favourite nail polish loll ! its so holo-ey loll i love it can't wait for you to try it and omg SRO ! im so jealous loll can't wait to see swatches : ) the glitters look soo amazing too, do you know if they melt?

  4. I can't find those neon glitters on Envy nail supply and for some reason they never answer the phone. Are they oos? How do you find them? There's almost no glitter on their site. Oh, and is there a link for Sparkle nail design? I can't find a site with that name. Thanks

  5. I just find your blog!! I really wanna buy Glitters from Envy Nail Supply !!
    I hope they will ship product to Japan....
    here is my FB and Blog link!
    blog: facebook: