Monday, September 26, 2011

30 day challenge.. Day 23-25

This challenge is now starting to get very interesting Ive been able to do alot of different nail art because of this challenge. These past couple of days Ive been mixing a matching different things like water decal, acrylic molds and free hand.

Day 23 mani inspired by a movie. I am a big kids a love watching cartoon movies and the movie I love and have watched a bunch of time is UP. Kevin is my favorite!

Day 24 mani inspired by a book.  I like to read Urban erotica so I picked a book I read recently Candy Licker by Noire.

Day 25 mani inspired by Fashion. I could not find a cool outfit that inspired me but I did find a bag. I have a thing for purses and my dream purse is of course a Louis Vuitton.

 That's it for today I have 5 day left in this challenge and I'm kinda sad that is coming to an end because it has been so fun and its inspired me to do some really cool manis.


  1. Those are too cute! You did a great job!

  2. UP is one of my DS2's fave did a great interpretation!

  3. Woo! Love 'em! Lol@ Kevin, she looks great.

  4. I LOVE THEM ALL!! Lady, you are so damn talented!!!! I am sad it's coming to an end as well.. It's pushed me to do more on my nails!

  5. I love these all but the up one is probably my favorite! Seriously well done, they're great! I haven't been participating in the challenge but will be bummed when it's over too -- so many great designs coming out lately it's fantastic