Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I went a little crazy this month Ive got so many polishes that they had no place to go because I out grew my book shelf but I managed to re-organize and fit them all. First up is my order from

Color Club Wicked Sweet
Color Club Starry Temptress

(first 3 are from Sallys and last 3 are from Transdesign)
China Glaze 3D fantasy
China Glaze Digital Dawn
China Glaze Rose among thorns(neon)
China Glaze Sea Spray
OPI Too Hot pink to hold em
New York shimmer glitter Angle dreams

The next polishes are all mostly from Drugstore, Sallys and Claires.

Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver
Wet N Wild Grays anatomy
Wet N Wild Blue wants to be a millionaire
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cherry Punch
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fuchsia Flare
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Snappy Sprinkles
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-away 

Sinful Colors Scandal
Sinful Colors Social Ladder
Sinful Colors Fly away
Sinful Colors Nirvana
Sinful Colors Pink Diamonds

Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana
Sinful Colors Hazard
Sinful Colors Why Not
Sinful Colors Savage (not in picture)

China Glaze Blue Sparrow (neon)
China Glaze Virtual Violet
Claire's Poison Apple
Claire's I Luv the 80s
Wet N Wild Saved by the blue

I made my monthly trip to Ulta and I actually didn't find much Ive been hoping that they had new Essence displays but nothing so I just picked up some OPI's that Ive been meaning to get and on the way home I stopped in at Christmas tree shop to check out the Color Clubs and got one.

OPI I want to be A-lone star
OPI Lucerne-tanly look marvelous
Nicole by OPI "Baby" blue
Essence Sun Dancer
Essence Just rock it
Essence Everybody talking about

OPI La Paz-itively hot (matte)
Color Club Take me to your chateau

I went to Dollar Tree and found some old polishes and couldn't help to get them.

Sally Hansen Star Opal Rose Gold
Sally Hansen Star Opal Pale Lilac
Sally Hansen Star Opal Purewhite
Star Hansen Start Opal Red
Sally Hansen Endless night
LA Colors color craze Electrified 

I have been on a search for Studio M/ Massini polishes forever and from what Ive heard is that they are only sold at Meijer which there is none in the Boston area. I finally found where I could get some and it was actually from a fellow blogger. Mary from Body and Soul has a separate blog for her nail polish sale Body & Soul Shoppe and she has a wide selection of brand new Studio M polishes.

Studio M Slamming red
Studio M Purple medallion
Studio M Lighting bolt
Studio M Power Pink
Sinful colors Green ocean

That is all Ive bought in the past month that I have in my possession at this. There are still things that aren't here yet like my order from Zoya of their new collections, my first Nfu Ohs and some nail art supplies.


  1. Wow, when you said you went a little crazy i didn't expect this many! ;)

    You got a lot of great colors though!!

  2. Yea I went crazy this month! I have a problem I think I need rehab!!!

  3. haha a little crazy! understatement much? ;p i didn't go crazy this month but i probably will next month.

  4. Flippin heck thats one amazing haul!! Lol loving every single thing you bought =)

  5. Wow. That has to be one of the best hauls I've ever seen

  6. Thanks ladies! I did go a little nuts but you can nver have enough nail polish!