Monday, March 7, 2011

Last weeks Haul!

So this week I went a little crazy because I couldn't pass up on some deals that I ran into and polishes I had on my wish list for awhile I was able to find finally. To start off China Glaze Tronica finally touched down at my local Sallys. They didn't have all of them by the time I got there but I also only wanted 4 colors from the collection I was able to get 3 out of 4.

* Hyper Haute
* Cyberspace
* Techno Teal

Next up is Drug store buys and one polish from eBay Ive been hunting down Essie Punchy pink for a while but as you might now its been discontinued so anyone selling it is selling for twice the retail price. I finally found on eBay for $8 so I had to get it. The rest were bought in Walgreens.

* Essie Punchy Pink
* Sally Hansen HD Spectrum
* Essie Mesmerize
* Kiss nail art pens

This past week I stopped in to Claire's to see if I could find some dupes that Ive been searching for unfortunately I didn't but I ended up picking up 2 glitter polishes and 2 bling nail stickers. I have never seen or tried theses but I like the designs on them so I had to have them.

The most exciting haul I did this week was from a blog sale Polish Insomniac has a separate blog for her blog sale and she is having buy 2 get 1 free on all nail item. So I looked at everything and picked out a few things everything was really cheap so I couldn't resist. She was very friendly and everything came well packaged and super fast! I am extremely happy with everything I bought.

* Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure Yellow kitty
* LA Girl Matte indigo
* China Glaze The ten man
* Sally Hansen Miracle nail thickener
* Sally Hansen Cuticle oil
* Goldie (love the bottle)
* Love my nails glory
* Love my nails mardi gras
* L'oreal Bijou crystals B.Fearless

Last is some polishes I got on eBay they are pretty old I got them because I seen pictures of heavy metal on MUA and I fell in love with it. I looked for it and I found it on eBay in a lot of 5 Lori Anne glitter polishes for a good price so why not. I like some of the other glitter too but I'm definitely gonna be giving some of these away in a future giveaway. I swatched theses and I forgot how stinky polishes were before they became Big 3 free.

* Heavy Metal
* Purple Glitter
* Silver Glitter
* Starry Glitter
* Multi Glitter

That was all I got last week Im waiting pattiently next to the door for a package from Transdesign with the new Color Club collections cant wait to get them.


  1. nice haul.. u picked out some nice essie's. i've had my eye on mesmerize for a few days now ;)

  2. Its a deff most have! Its a one coater!