Sunday, February 27, 2011

Del Sol Ruby Slippers

I recently bought a couple Del Sol nail polishes because they gotta be the coolest thing ever. Theses put mood polishes to shame. Del Sol nail polishes change in the sun and usually have a drastic color change. The one I'm going to show you today is Ruby Slippers its a silver glitter polish indoors and once you step outside it turns a redish/pink. It is pretty sheers since its a sliver glitter polish I don't like to see my nail line so I did a little konad and stamped the tips with hearts.

3 coats, top coat and stamped with Konad white


I absolutely love these polishes Ill be getting more since spring is right around the corner. I got so many compliment and questions about this polish it might just be on my top favorite polishes now. My kids at work were amazed and first thought I change nail polish colors in less then 10 mins. of them seeing my nails. Have any of you tried these out before?


  1. the red color looks nice with the hearts

  2. Man, I walk by Del Sol each time I go to Walgreens... now I might just have to snag some!

  3. wow that is so cool! I love the red one!!!! check out my blog please!?

  4. Amanda: yea the I loved what it looked like in the sun!

    Annelise: Lucky you I wish my walgreens would sell Del Sol polishes I had to get mine from ebay. They are a must have for spring and summer.