Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Mani's

I am back sorry for the lack of post but Ive been extremely busy with my organizations annual report that  is due tomorrow. So I finally came up for air from 4 different clubs data to show you some Valentine day manis. First my co-worker asked me to do her nails to go to New Jersey for the weekend to celebrate her anniversary with her boyfriend. She wanted a black and white design and this is what I came up with. I also applied brush on gel nails because she had nubbins.

One coat of Wet N Wild Black creme
stamped with Konad white special polish and Sally Hansen Pink jade chrome
Image plates: M73 and BM02
(please excuse her horrible over grown cuticles she did not let me get rid of them and
 I couldn't push them back anymore)

I added a little glitter to her nails.

Now I didn't really have much time to do my own nails so I kept it simple. I just recently got a bunch of Essie polishes and the one I been dying to try was the discontinued Essie Bermuda shorts. I had that all week and decided to make is more Valentines dayish so I added 2 accent fingers with Konad white special polish and but a lips on my ring and thumb from BM02.

3 coats of Essie Bermuda Shorts
1 coat of Seche Vite

Accent finger lips from BM02 with Konad's white special polish

That's all for now I got some haul post coming up!


  1. That essie polish is gorgeous!! Looks like OPI dim sum plum... anyways, I have a question, that gel nail thing that you used on your friend... how does it work... like... does it give you long nails?? cause you said she had nubbins... anyways... i am just wondering... oh, also, does it damage your nails?? is it kind of like acrylic nails or something? thanks(:

  2. Oh, and what brand gel did you use?? ^_^

  3. I like the first design...maybe your friend will let you remove the cuticles next time. Your fingers and nails are so dainty and that colour is lovely on you.

  4. Kelly: It does look like but i think its a little more purple then it.

    So its called Cosmar Brush on gel nails. It does give you long nails. Its really easy you take the shine off yours nails apply nail tips and buff the smile line down. Then you just paint your nails with the gel and add the activator and thats it. You wanna do like 3 or 4 coats whenever you think they are strong enough. They dont damage your nails its like having glue on nails. Brush on gel nails are stronger and last longer then glue on nails and they are not as harsh and damaging like Acrylic nails.

    I did a post on this:

    and heres a youtube tutorial on it (just a diffferent brand but the same steps its a 2 part video )by BonBonDokiDoki

  5. Ash-Lilly: She doesnt like to because someone cut her before so she was scared. Thanks. I wish i had your nails as much as I try to keep my nails long they always break im too rough on them