Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Butterflies fly with me

Sorry I've gone MIA I was a pretty busy last week because the kids were on vacation from school so It was a pretty long week dealing with my Rugrats at work. I still managed to do my nails almost everyday but didn't have the time to post them up.So first I'm gonna show you the most recent mani which I wore for Easter.

I let my hubby pick the color and he picked out a nameless mini Hello Kitty jelly polish that I got from Target in a set. I wanted to do an accent nails and I still had my Sally Hansen salon effects strip laying around so I used one strip from the Fly with me set. I was actually able to get away with only using one strip for both nails so I still have enough strips to do a full mani.

I wanted the color to really pop so I did one coat of white on my nails first then 3 coats of the HK polish.

I love the Hello Kitty polish! I need another one of it for a back up because it will definitely not last with it being so mini! Who knew that it was this beautiful. Do you give cheapo polishes an fair chance or just brush them off?


  1. I think this is really cute! Your hubbi picked a great colour! It matches so nicely with the accentnail(s) :D

  2. this is a really pretty accent mani ! love it. I should be more fair with cheap polish, I don't usually give them a chance.

  3. I love this mani! The butterfly accent nail is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the polish colour =)

  4. I def give them a try! You can find real gems sometimes. I really like that shade

  5. i have elf teal polish. it great and cheap . but a want this . hope someone sells them on ebay :D

  6. Cute! Teal blue is my favorite color hands down!

    Amber @ mynailgraffiti.blogspot.com

  7. Jane: He's good at picking colors

    Honey_lili: You should cheap polish can surprise you then you feel extra lucky to have gotten such a good polish for a better price.

    Thanks Ladies!
    Im gonna have go check out that elf polish! They do have them on ebay!

    I love teal blue too.

  8. this is a really pretty colour and i love your accent nails :)

    shel xx