Thursday, April 7, 2011

OPI Too hot pink to holdem

Last week a lot of my nails had broken so I cut them all down and I really hate short short nails. I wanted to use one of my new polishes and I picked OPI too hot pink to holdem. I used some glue on nails and did 3 coats of polish then took a gold striper and did a little design on all the nails. Then on ring finger I added a gold star and some little beads.

I love the color but I wasn't 100% content with the design just because they didnt really go together but I spent a good amount of time on it so I atleast kept it for the day. What do you do if you dont like a manicure do you keep it, try to fix it or start over?


  1. I just add alot of glitter over the top! If it still doesn't look good take it off add a random base colour and do a design the next day after thinking about it! I love this colour although its yummy!

  2. If it's late at night I just leave it and take it off the day after... I still think it's a pretty mani, are those glue on nails comfortable?

  3. I ike this design. If I don't like something I do on myself I try to take it off straight away before it fully dries.

  4. Ash: Im gonna try that next time Glitter makes everything look good lol...

    Lydiane: Thats what I did I took it off the next day. Yea they are ok as long as you apply them well if they arent glued right they will feel really weird and come off that same day.

    Cat: Thank you

  5. I really love this color and it looks pretty good on you!