Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Here is Last week haul Ive been trying to slow down on buying so many polishes but It is really hard!! This time all the polishes I got were because they were good deals or Ive been searching for them for a while and I finally found them.

My Package from Zoya arrived I took advantage of their BOGO sale and since I was already ordering from them I thought I should replace my poor Crystal that dried up because of its broken neck. I love all the colors but one Zoya Tamsen I don't even know why I ordered I hate orange/red colors! I might swap it or save it for another giveaway.

*Zoya Crystal *Zoya Mitzi *Zoya Lolly
*Zoya Pheobe *Zoya Sooki *Zoya Areej
*Zoya Mira *Zoya Breezi *Zoya Tamsen (yuck)
*Zoya Rica *Zoya Faye

I ordered some Hello Kitty water decal that Ive been wanting for a while I got all 6 different designs and it come with 20 water decals of 2 different designs. I got them from eBay from a great seller that sell a bunch of Sanrio stuff.

I took a trip to Ulta to return this after shave liquid to reduce razor bumps that I had got for my hubby and he later told me I got ripped off because i paid $20 for it. So I had $20 store credit I already had to buy OPI Guy meets Galveston for a swap and everything else called out to me lol..

OPI Guy meets Galveston (for Jackie of Candy Coated Tips)
Essense Plum perfect (mini)
Essie Borrowed & Blue
China Glaze Ingrid
Revlon Powder Puff matte suede

Found the last polishes in Target and T.J Maxx none of them have names I just liked the colors and I couldn't resist the cuteness of the Hello kitty polishes. I swatched them all on a nail wheel and they were all jellys and very pretty colors. As for the Mood Struck set I only liked 2 of the colors and I usually swap out the colors I didn't like for another one in another set but the polishes were at the counter so I couldn't with and getting yelled at.

That was all which isn't bad compared to my last haul post. I will try to take it easy and I kinda wanna give myself a limit but I'm not sure if it should be how many polish or how much I spend a week? What do you ladies think what is a reasonable amount of polish a week? or money spent on polish a week? 


  1. i'm trying to go for less polishes per month than there are days in the month! hahaha!

  2. I'm spending about £15 a week on polishes at the moment, but it would only be spent on cigarettes if I didn't so it's all win \o/

  3. Wow, you must have quite the collection if this is only your recent buys..! I'm impressed (& rather jealous!)

  4. Whoa!!! That's a huge one.. Love every single piece of it :) You're so lucky you're from the states.. Im jealous. We don't get any of those brands in India :( Let me know if you want to try any of the Indian brands like Lakme, Lotus, Essensual20 etc..

  5. Rebecca: I like that idea lol.. even tho thats still alot of polishes.

    Stompy Boot: That sounds good. Please spend it on nail polish because that gonna keep your nails pretty unlike the cigaretts that are just going to mess with your health.

    heartshapedbruise: Yea I have quite a few I have a little over 400 but that after a year of hauling polishes. Give it time and you will be there too!

    Vermilion Art: I would love to try some of the brands in India. Ive never even heard of any of those brands. We need to arrange a swap

  6. Heh, Rebecca's suggestion makes me giggle. I don't know about limits per week but I think having occasional no-buys are important.