Monday, April 4, 2011

Re-organizing my polishes

In the past month I have acquired quite a few polishes that some of you might think I was crazy for and other share my craziness. I currently use a book shelf to store all my polish because but this past month I was starting to run out of room where a lot of polishes were on the edge of falling. I wanted to make another 3 tier polish rack out of a spice rack like before but I couldn't find one. 

Polish Rack I made from a spice rack.

I was running out of idea on how to store them when I ran into a post by Dollface and she was also re-organizing her polish and she shared with us some ideas to store polishes. In her post she had a Cabinet organizer which had 3 tiers just like the spice rack I was looking for after seeing that I ran to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get these cabinet organizers because I couldn't keep leaving my poor polishes in bag on the floor.

Everything was getting closer to edge

Bought 2 different size organizers

Top shelf

Middle Shelf

Bottom Shelf

Once I run out of room I think I might buy a Helmer but I like to be able to see all my polishes. What do you ladies use to store your polishes? Do you like to display them or to hide them?


  1. Wow do you ever have a collection! I really like your setup so far, using the spice racks was a great idea!

  2. The racks you made are great!
    At the moment I hide mine but i'm getting my dad to build me a stack of shelves which i'l attach somewhere in my room and then display my polishes there =)

  3. Wowzers! I love the one you made AND the ones you bought! I'm so jealous of your collection - mine looks so meagre in comparison, lol x

  4. Sara: I wish someone would built me someting to put on the wall. It just makes me nervous cuz if it fall off the wall i would cry!

    Ash-lilly: I would love to see your collection.

  5. Are those Kiko on the middle shelf?