Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nic Sticks Rainbows End

A couple of week ago I ran into some Nic sticks in a 5 pack for $6.99 this was the first time I had ever bought theses kind on polishes in a pen. I opened the pack and started to swatch the colors I got to Rainbows End and I thought it was just a tan polish to my surprise it was a tan holo!!! Look at this gorgeous holo!
Look at that HOLO!!!!

2 coat and top coat

I could not believe I got such a beautiful color for so cheap! I really love these polishes because I am always polishing my nails on the go and this make it sooo much easier. Do you ladies polish your nails on the go? I polish my nails everywhere train, bus, work basically where ever I can. I have gotten complaints because  some people are offended by the smell but these are perfect they don't have a harsh smell.


  1. Beautiful!! What a great surprise :)

  2. what an awesome surprise!! :) great color as well!

  3. wow thats actually really gorgeous! holo but still kinda neutral :)

  4. awesome surprise! i think there is one called silverella that is also holo

  5. This is too gorgeous ! I love thhe holo .

  6. What a gorgeous color! I love it! I cant' get enough of holos!

    Also, new follower here and I'm adding you to my blogroll! Great work!