Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So this is what I have acquired in the last couple of weeks Its not alot which is good because as you all know I am out of control. I just completed 3 swaps so I am awaiting alot of Nail mail as well as my 1st Nfu ohs, NYX girls, Barielle's and some Kleancolors. The polish I got this week were all very cheap because I went Dusty hunting I managed to find brand new polish as well as used polishes in Nail salons in Boston. First I'm gonna show you some nail stuff I found at Forever 21.

Love & Beauty glitter polishes
Designed false nails

I found the rest of these is different salons all brand new! Some of these polish go for an arm and a leg on ebay so it was a big score for me!
OPI What's Dune?
OPI Shim-merry chic
OPI Midnight blue glitter
China Glaze Gr8
China Glaze LOL

OPI Turquoise shatter
OPI red shatter
OPI Blue shatter

The next two are used and I got them for $1.50 each because they are used and needed thinner. The OPI one is a mystery polish I love the color I looked for the label and it wasn't there. I posted pictures of it on facebook to help figure out what it could be all the ladies were really helpful and they all said it could be OPI blue moon lagoon because it is holo but not as strong and it could also be OPI Go on green. I love the color and I'm just gonna call it Mystery lol..

OPI Mystery salon polish
China Glaze 2nite

Can you believe that's all I got in this whole time ! I was shocked! Have you ladies ever gone Dusty hunting? Do you know what Dusty Hunting is?


  1. Wow! Awesome haul! Not sure what dusty hunting means though... maybe dusty refers to old?? Hunting for older nail polishes??

  2. whats dusty hunting? i heard about it so many times but im still really confused lol

  3. You always have such great hauls. I love looking at them.

  4. glitter and shatter polishes are my fave!<3

  5. So fun! Congrats on the awesome polishes!

  6. Amazing haul! So lucky to have found all these brill goodies at even more brill prices!
    =]And dusty hunting seems like so much fun! I'd love to do that some time soon

  7. awesome haul!! like many others, i don't know what dusty hunting is..haha

  8. Thank you ladies!!

    So dusty Hunting is basically going to shops, Hair Salons, Beauty Supply Stores & Nail Salons for old polishes that are no longer available at retail price. Sometimes if its used you can work out a good price. Some salons dont like selling there polishes but with enough pleading they will sell it!

    Its fun mostly when there are many salon in one area.

    Cat: thank you I love looking at other haul too! Thats probably one of my fav kinds of post to read!

  9. id love to see swatches of those love & beauty polishes

    please check out my blog

  10. Hey again!
    Just dropping by to let you know that I'v passed on a couple of blog awards to you =]

  11. i love hauls! if i want to save money i actually need to stop from buying too much polish. lol.

    Linked u up in my blog roll. New follower. Hope you follow back.