Thursday, June 23, 2011

Haul + swap

This past week I got a whole bunch of nail mail! After many complaints and argument with the Post office they finally got things right and my packages came. I think everything I got this week I ordered online because I haven't had time to go to Ulta or any other store. First up is all the Klean Colors I had on my wishlist. One of the lovely ladies in a Nail polish group I'm in on facebook posted a link to a website that sell Klean colors for $1.75 so I ran to the computer and got to ordering. I ended up getting 11 polishes.

                                                               Beauty Joint
top left to right
Afternoon Picnic, Firework, Chunky holo black, Chunky holo bluebell, Chunky holo fuchsia, Blue-eyed girl, pink fairy, party fever, pinky moon, city never sleeps and blind date

Barielle Falling star
Barielle Elle's spell
Ive been waiting for these Barielle's for weeks I finally decided to call them because I never received them and they sent out another package and I got them 2 days later. I got these when they were having their sale not sure how much was each but I know I paid $10 all together.

The most exciting nail mail of all! My 1st Nfu Oh's and Cult nails

Nfu Oh #51, #53, #61, #65 (thanks to the ladies in Polish-aholics Anonymous that informed me that the holos were coming back in stock!) $12.50 each. (free shipping to the US)
Captivate I really wanted this color and I could've had this color for a cheaper price turn out that it has a dupe Icings Tiger's blood oh well. $10 + Shipping

Swap w/ Ash Lilly
Barry M lipgloss, Barry M Blue moon, Barry M Peach Melba, Barry M Pink Iridescent
Gosh Lavender Love, Gosh neon baby, Rose earings, Elegant touch Nail stickers
and Andrea Fulerton Trio (purple/flakie+glitter)

That's all for this week still waiting on some other swaps that are on their way! I'm glad you ladies enjoy my hauls I don't do them to brag about what I got but just to share some great deals and shop to shop at. I love reading haul post mostly from international bloggers because I don't know much about other brands and I always find something to add to my wishlist to later swap for. swatches coming soon!


  1. i want to make a similar kleancolor haul SO BAD but i'm resisting!! (for now anyway)

  2. I also went for the kleancolor link on Facebook and ended up with 6 polishes which are fab - Rebecca, go for it!!

  3. Wow awesome haul! And don't worry we know your not bragging =] Actually my fave posts to read are hauls!
    Every single thing you got is amazing!

  4. Love 'Shadow Haul' post, as I call them. Gorgeous nfu-Oh's

  5. Thanks ladies!!

    Rebecca: You need to go for it a must!

    I love reading haul post i think thats y i do so many

  6. Great Haul! I think I'm def going to have to check out klean Color polish! I love these types of posts I like to see what other people are into and usually discover new brands or colors that I wouldn't otherwise see in the middle of nowhere Louisiana :D