Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today is a day to celebrate!!!! It almost September and my August no buy is over because my hubby was soo impressed on how good I did that he ended my no buy early! So I wasted to time to get some polishes. The most exciting one is an order I placed after reading a post from OhMyJemimahXD she had got some Lippmann polishes from B-Glowing  for $8!!! So here is my order.

Beautiful packaging

2 Deborah Lippmann I know what boys like (1 for my giveaway) and Waking up in Vegas

2 Halloween Color Zone set from Marshalls
Urban Outfitters polishes and NYX girls dreamy glitter

Color zone set that a mix and matched at the store lol.. the 3rd one wasn't my color so I swapped it.

Ordered some acrylics blendz and much more from Rebeliouz Nail Design I love everything and highly recommend them!!!

Ordered some really cool Glitter blends from Envy Nail Supply. The glitters can be used in pretty much anything like Nail polish to acrylics they had great service and fast shipping. 

And finally I got some Nail art brushes from eBay aren't they cute Jen from The Exotic Lacquer picked them out for herself for me to order for her and I couldn't help but to get a set too. 

That is all I bought for myself in the past 3 days I can say I have successfully done a no buy! Yay and thank god its over. 


  1. Awesome haul! I'm glad you check out the website! And omg! They had Waking Up in Vegas? Damn I wish I saw that! Lol

  2. Simply amazing! I can't believe you made it that long with no buying! Congrats on your awesome haul!

  3. You rock Caroline! You did great!

  4. How did you get the DL for so cheap?

  5. niceeee haul!
    lovinn all the supplies you picked up(:

    <3 BB

  6. Wow!!
    Great haul!
    Have fun with all this!