Sunday, August 14, 2011


So my hauls are usually pretty big and my hubby as taken notice and bet me that I couldn't go a month without buying a bottle of nail polish so I took on the challenge. Ive been doing pretty good and Ive been relying on swaps to get new polishes.

I recently received a swap from Jen from The Exotic lacquer which took a day to get since we live in the same state she was very nervous about it but I of course loved everything she picked out a bunch on blue since it is my fav. color. There was also some yummy candy that I already ate before I was able to take the picture.

This weekend was Tax free weekend in Massachusetts so I of course took advantage of that to finally buy a new camera. I hadn't bought a new camera in years! I was working with a Casio Exilim 7.2 megapixel camera and I upgraded to a Sony Cybershot 16.1 megapixel camera.

Old Camera

New Camera

While shopping I found another Sally's in my area and couldn't help but to go in and I was so sad that I couldn't buy any polish but then I was looking to see what was on sale and found an Acrylic set on sale which was perfect because Ive been trying to teach myself how to do acrylics and this is just what I needed. So I bought the set which came with 12 colors and acrylic liquid I also picked up a rose pink acrylic.

And finally some random things I picked up while enjoying the tax free weekend I finally found Hello Kitty duct tape and I saw this big diamond paper weight and I bought it to take pictures of my nails with.

That's really all Ive gotten so majority of my hauls for the rest of the month is going to swaps and nail accessories since I cant buy polish. Have you ladies ever done a no buy? 


  1. ahhh hello kitty tape!! (:
    i love your hauls

    <3 BB

  2. Good luck. That tape is so cute. And cant wait to see pics with the new camera and paperweight.

  3. Thanks ladies!!!

    Cat: I have alot of manis that I didnt get to post because I was too busy to so the paper weight and new camera pics might not be making an appearance here for a while

  4. I would love to hear how the camera works out! I will be getting a new one in the next two weeks or so, I need something good but not super expensive lol

  5. I love everything you got sweetie! your camera looks awesome! I need to get a camera my friend broke mine!

    shel xx