Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hibiscus Nail art

I recently bought a sarong dress at the beach and it had such a pretty print with a bunch of beautiful hibiscus that I just had to do my nails to match. So I remember I had tried flowers like that after seeing a post on Ash-Lilly's blog and it was one stroke art using acrylic paint. I Youtube it to get a refresher on what exactly I was doing. I watched this video (yes its in French)

I got started I used Wet N Wild white cream as the base for my ring finger and thumb for the rest of my nails I used Zoya Robin. Its not perfect but I love how it came out!

I like it so much that I had to do the matching pedicure! I said I would never post pics of my toes here but they came out better then my finger nails. I took these picture while I was out on a canoe with my kids at work so there is already some chips. IWARNING TOES PICTURES!

Have you ladies done nail art designs using acrylic paint? if not you need to go to your closest art store and pick up some paints because it is so much it come out so beautiful and it super easy to make any design!


  1. I love all the blues. Love your pedi so cute :)

  2. omg i love the detail on your flowers!!
    you did an amazing job!(:

    <3 bb

  3. Thats beautiful! I love the colors.(:

  4. wow this is awesome hun! i love hibiscus flowers

    shel xx