Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Essence Whoom Boooom collection

I love Essence collections and one of the collections I fell in love with was their Whoom Boooom collection all the colors are very bright and perfect for summer. I got this collection from a recent swap since alot of the collections you cant get in the US since Ulta doesn't carry the limited edition collections. On to the swatches!

There is 4 colors in the collection all with some interesting name lol...

Chacalaca- its a dark but vibrant blurple it was smooth in 2 coat. (my fav)

Roy's Red- a red/pink and in some lights look even coral its a very unique color. It was smooth in 2 coats

Andy you're a star- A bright/pastel orange in the sun it look really bright and indoor look more creamy. Smooth in 2 coats. 

You've got the Art- A pastel greenish yellow depending on light. This was my least favorite the application wasn't the best needed 3 coats just to even out the horrible first 2. 

I really like this collection all the color worked well together, They were easy to apply and unique. I give this collection a thumb up lol..My love for Essence continues to grow. Have you ladies tried Essence polishes? 


  1. Awesome. And with your background it looks something in the sea ;)

  2. The coral is beautiful :-)
    I love Essence polishes but unfortunately they aren't sold here in the UK :-(

  3. I'm ashamed that I have not tried any essence polishes yet, buy I need too these look so lovely, nice and bright.

  4. aaa at the names!!
    i really like the orange(;
    & now i have to have it because thats my mans nickname

    <3 BB

  5. Thank you ladies!!! Essence polishes are a little hard to get because they arent sold everywhere but swapping is always the way lol..

    I love the names too!

  6. Really nice bright colors, I especially like the blue.