Sunday, December 19, 2010

I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND!! Milani one coat glitters and Jewel FX

Ok so I have been searching high and low for Milani's one coat glitters, I went to all the CVS near me and made a bunch of phone calls to further away ones and after a week and a half I still had no luck. I was telling my wonderful boyfriend how I couldn't find them and that I was gonna have to do some swaps for them on Makeup Alley. So last night my boyfriend was at the drugstore getting his favorite cookies and I asked him to see if they had the nail polishes there and they weren't there. I then asked if he could stop at another CVS on the way over my house. He did and then told me he found them! I didn't believe him because he likes to play with my emotions when it come to nail polish. So I asked him to send me a picture of the display.

He asked me which ones I wanted and I asked for Blue Flash and Purple Gleam. I passed on the warm gold and the silver dazzle. So I was beyond happy but my happiness turned into complete bliss the next morning. My wonderful amazing boyfriend had gone to another CVS and bought me the rest of the collection (red sparkle,gold and gem) I had tears in my eyes when I saw them lol..

Red Sparkle, Purple gleam, Blue Flash, Jewel Fx Gold and Gem

Jewel FX Gold and Gem takes about 4 coats to cover

This is 2 coats without a top coat.
Aren't they beautiful!

These are soo amazing! For a glitter to cover completely on one to two coats is my dream come true. I love glitters but I hate having to do coat after coat and 5 coats later your done. They dry pretty fast and dry a little gritty but a nice top coat fixes that and makes it pretty and shiny.


  1. how sweet! and i agree, these polishes are amazing.

  2. That story just made my day :) You always hear the bad boyfriend stories - so it's nice to hear about the good guys out there :) Good for you! BTW I love the purple - I. MUST. HAVE. IT. :)

  3. How sweeet and soo awesomee want themm too :)

  4. @ Morgan. Im glad it made your day. I actually went out and picked up back ups. The one I did get was the purple one. Im always up for swaps if your interested.

    @ Joelle. Ive been hunting them down but its pretty hard to cuz they are only in limited places.

  5. Nice polishes! The green glitters in Gem are making me think of Party Hearty!

  6. @ sylvia. Gem is actually a close dupe of lippmann Happy Birthday

  7. that is soooo sweet! I want these really bad, but it's so hard for me to get these! I really need to look around on eBay or something I guess :) They're so pretty!