Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Collection.

So I was getting a little annoyed with they way I was storing my nail polishes. Ive been hauling a lot of polishes so it has gotten harder to keep track of them. So a while ago I showed you my home made nail polish rack and my Train case I of course ran out of room pretty quick. So then I bought a book shelf for my nails polishes and any and everything else but books lol... So I just recently re-arranged my polishes.
Take a look!

 Arranged by brand

 Home made polish rack

 My minis and stripers

OPI Train case with polishes and supplies

How do you store your polishes? So far this is working out OK but I get easily bored with how things look and I'll eventually re-organize it. I would love some ideas for when that happens.The way I have it now it doesn't seem like I have that many polishes which is good and maybe people will stop telling me I have a problem :-)


  1. You have a lovely collection! <3

  2. I love seeing other people's stashes. :)

  3. ME TOO! I like getting ideas of how other people store their collection cuz the more i get the harder it is to keep them together and organized. I like seeing big collection for I can show my family that I am not the only one with alot of polishes lol..

  4. Great its awesome to see your collection,,
    I don't have many yet but I will save for them,,
    BTW LOVE your Opi and Orly's,, Want them TOO :)
    How long do you have your blog?
    I just started one my self hhaha and I have lots to learn as a beginner,,

  5. That's a cute idea - I love the train case :) I store all of my polish on a shelf that my dad built for me - there is a pic on my blog... you will have to check it out!