Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sawan Giveaway!!!!!

Sawan is having a wonderful Christmas giveaway. This has to be the biggest/bestest giveaway EVER!!!!! It has Nfu Oh polishes!!! Here's what you can win.
  •  Your Choice of Everyday Panty!!!!
  • Strawberry Kiwi Cuticle Oil
  • OPI Summer Flutter Minis
  • Borghese Minis
  • Sandy Nail File
  • Bonbon Mini Gloss
  • Travel Size Berry Vanilla & Coconut Vanilla BBW Lotions
  • The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter
  • Sula Paint and Peel Polishes
  • Man Glaze | Matte is Murder
  • Beach Black | Dickweed
  • Milani | Dress Maker
  • $OPI | Full Moon
  • Set of Island Girl Mood Polises
  • Accessorize | Pink Spice (Similar to MAC's Bad Fairy)
  • Mini Orly | Velvet Rope
  • Some Body Shop Samples
  • Body Shop Gift tin with Hand Care Items inside
  • Body Shop Shower Pouf
  • Wooden Cuticle Sticks
  • Sheet of Nail Stickers and Jewels
  • Nfu Oh Layering Polishes
  • Nfu Oh Metallic Polishes
  • Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover
  • Nfu Oh Aqua Base
  • Nfu Oh Holos
  • Essie Fall Minis
  • Lip Smackers Coconut Julius Gloss
  • Urban Decay | Gimlet
  • MAC | Marine Life Highlighting Powder
Some items not photographed
  • RBL | Scrangie 
  • Del Sol | Island Fever 
  • Lush | Lemony Flutter
  • Speck iPhone4 Case
  • The other Nfu Oh Holos (The winner will receive all six colors)
  • Inglot | AMC Lipgloss #542
  • Fruits and Passion Reusable Shopping Bag
Here's a picture!

Visit her blog for rules to enter!

1 comment:

  1. Great you let us know,
    And I barely got them too the twin polishes,
    But I got as a gift from a friend I was soo Happy,,