Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Milani Purple Gleam and Blue Flash

I absolutely love glitters and Milani One coats glitters are my dream come true. I don't mind doing 1-4 coats with glitters but I am very impatient sometimes and as most know if your coat is not dry before you start a new coat its going to drag which sucks! So a one coat glitters is the best my perfect polish. Purple gleam and Blue flash are beautiful they have some black glitter in it that make them very unique then any of my other blue and purple glitters. These polishes dry gritty but a top coat fixes that problem.

Used one of my girls at work as my hand model

With Top Coat

 My new favorite polishes!!!


  1. these are really great and the grittiness is just a minor problem. a GOOD topcoat takes care of that. others sink down and just make it look gritty-shiney.

  2. Oh I love that you combined them into one mani - that looks HAWT!

  3. @ Amanda thats why i love theses so much!

    @ ABOP Thanks I wanted to try thrm both on without having to paint and remove and paint again. I figured this would be the best way. by the way i love you nail foil manis. Im gonna give them a try