Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Patchwork mani

I was extremely bored last night and needed some ideas of what to do with my nails. I didn't want to do any Konad or any difficult freehand design. I was reading everyone's blogs and I ran into a post by Chloe of Chloe's Nails of a Patchwork mani. I thought to myself how do you do that without it being to messy and I read on and she made a wonderful tutorial! So I followed it step by step and here's what I got.

I used China Glaze Pool Party,
Wet N Wild Black,
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple diamond 

Mani reminded me of the 80s so I decided to put on a 3 finger ring.

I got into it with a shovel and as you can see the shovel won!

I think this was very sucessful thank to the wonderful tutorial by Chloe! Check out her blog she has great designs. 


  1. That looks great!!!! Sorry about the shovel fight, It's amazing how they always seem to aim for our manis!

  2. I love this! They look so good! And :( stupid shovel attack, I hate when I smudge my thumb. it's always when I do stupid things though.

  3. thanks ladies! yea that damn shovel won that battle.I always smudge my thumb too thats why i always do it last. I dont keep the smae polish for too long so its ok