Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Organizing Stash (pic heavy)

Ive been having alot of trouble keeping my stash organized because I get so many polish that I easily run out of space. A couple of weeks ago I asked how many polishes fit in a helmer because I had out grown my bookshelf. I have between 450-500 polishes and a fellow blogger that has a helmer said that it holds between 500-600 polishes. So I sent my hubby to buy me 2 Ikea Helmers (one for backup). He was such a trooper he took that long ride in the rain to get them for me. He started to build it but he's could not complete it so I took over and finished the Helmer. 

Here he is building

It was pretty easy to build got it down in about 30 minutes. I then added some rubber shelf liners to keep the bottles from sliding and started filling it up. I separated the polish by brands.

Zoya, OPI, Nicole by OPI

China Glaze

Sally Hansen, Elf, Wet N Wild, Milani, Revlon

Color Club, Sinful Colors, Orly, Essie

Claire's, Cover Girl, Del Sol, NYC, Mood Struck ect...

Top Shelf (Lippmann polishes and HTFs

So as you see I have plenty of space left and now all my polishes are protect and what my hubby likes the best is that they are hidden. 


So after all the re-organizing I had an empty book shelf and racks. I decide to display all my mini nail polishes.
My Minis arent they cute!

Since I was already in a re-organizing mood I wanted to do my nail art drawer over too. I took a trip to target got some little cute bins and drawer oragnizers in the dollar section and her what that looks like.


What do you use to keep your nail supplies organized??


  1. woah! i thought i had a crazy collection! :) I love how you organized them by brand and by color

  2. I love looking at other peoples collections! So pretty!

  3. I definately need a Helmer. Love your organisation.

  4. Wow! That's a lot of nail polish! I only have 10 lol. Great job on organizing!

  5. Aw, that's so cute that he helped you put it together. Your organization is amazing!

  6. Yea I needed a little extra muscle LOL.. Thank you!

  7. wow they look good and good idea to buy a second one you know you will need it soon hehe!

    i hope you get my package soon too girly am excited for you to get it

    shel xx

  8. I want a helmer. Love looking at other people's organisation. Thanks for showing us

  9. Sheesh! That's one hell of a collection there lady, lol!