Sunday, May 22, 2011

Butterflies and flowers

So lately Ive been trying to use different color polish then I do usually. I always go for the neon's, pinks, blues and holos. So I decided to use one of the mood struck polishes I got in a pack of three. It hard to explain the color because it is very different. The mood struck polishes depending on heat. I did an accent nail I used nail tattoos, billion beads and rhinestones.

This is what the bottle looks like

Here you can see the 2 colors

I really liked this mani but it didn't last because of the quality of the polish wasn't the best. Do you buy polishes for the color or quality? I personally don't care for the quality since I do my nails almost everyday so Its about the color for me.


  1. I can't wait to try mood polish! I like that color :) I have the same thing, my first instinct is to always want to do something purple and I have to make myself to something different.

  2. I saw these exact mood polishes in a store when I was in Montana a few weeks ago but I didn't buy any because they were too expensive for me... The color change looks really cool though!

  3. Whoah! That is so awesome!! They have these where I live.. it's at the ABC store lol. Always wanted to try it... Love the detailing and the color is marvelous!! ^_^

  4. I'm actually dying over getting some mood polishes! Lol your mani looks amazing =) Very girly and sweet!
    Personally I also don't care that much about quality... if the colours pretty its mine! =P

  5. Wooow, I want this! It's awesome!

    I'm a new follower & love your blog :).
    Jade By The Sea

  6. Thanks Ladies!!

    Breigh: Soon you will have some in your hands to try. The mood struck and Claires ones!