Monday, May 23, 2011

Gargantuan green grape

I have a new favorite green polish!! I am not a fan of green nail polish but I seem to be growing on me because I keep buying green nail polishes. This one just became my new favorite green polish! Before is was OPI jade is the new black now its OPI Gargantuan green grape i love that its light but bright at the same time.

Perfect is 2 coats

DAMN blue sharpie got me! lol

Beautiful sunset that day!

I can see myself using this polish very often just because it such a perfect green atleast for me. What is your favorite green polish? 


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  2. lol, darn u sharpie! I love this color on you. I try staying away from wearing green and yellow for long periods of time because I'm always worried my nails will get stained from them. Any tips?

  3. Ooh very nice colour =) It reminds me of this retro british one I have by no.7 called cool cucumber =)
    Btw i'v passed on a blog award to you =)

  4. heartNat: Always make sure you have a good basecoat. My nail are very weak so I use Sally Hansen miracle nail thickner. I also dont keep nail polish on for too long because I get easily bored.

    Sara: Thank!!

  5. Heya! I gave you an award! :)