Saturday, May 28, 2011

Im back with some Crack

Hey ladies sorry Ive been MIA lately but life and work has gotten very busy. I actually went on a mini vacation just to get away from work and family so me and the hubby went away to NH. While we were there we wanted to let off some stress so we made out way  to a Firing range. This  was the 1st time I fired a gun even though most think its not because of the gun tattoo on my hand. It was lots of fun and I did pretty good.

So now on to the nails I recently got some of the Sally Hansen Crackle and the one I wanted to use right away was Distressed Denim because my favorite color is Blue. A couple of weeks ago I seen a post on The Nailphile she was trying the crackle out and she paired Distressed Denim with OPI last Friday night. I thought that combinations was just so BEAUTIFUL!!! I had to try it!

I love this combination!! This mani surprisingly held up for 3 days and I didn't not get bored of it! What Sally Hansen crackles are you looking forward to getting?


  1. i'm looking forward to getting this crackle! and pairing it with LFN! haha

  2. love it! saw these at CVS today but passed em up... the blue looks great on you!

  3. This looks great! I also grabbed Distressed Denim as well as Antiqued Gold. I haven't tried DD yet, but I've got a post on my blog with the gold at

  4. oooh I shot a gun years and years ago, well... a rifle, and it was so fun! I'd love to do it again :)

    Love the crackle, btw!

  5. Oh wow awesome mani! Looks really cool and icy =)

  6. Thank you ladies!

    Sarah: I got Antigued gold too I just haven;t found a color to use it with. I like how you paired it.

    Breigh: Its alot of fun I didnt go for a bigger gun because I was scared of it blowing out my shoulder or having a nasty bruise.