Monday, May 16, 2011

You Fancy Huh!

Can you guess what polish I might be showing you today from the tittle? Well I finally got his polish after drooling over for a while. Its been sold out every where I go and Ulta actually just got the collection so I grabbed it up quick. I wish I would have got too because I am in love with this polish! Ok so I am talking about Orly Fancy Fuchsia from Orly's Precious Collection. Fancy Fuchsia is a very bright fuchsia that is nice and even in 2 coat.

I love this color! This just became my go to polish. I see myself using this polish alot so I need to go hunt down a backup bottle! When you really like a color do you buy a backup bottle? or is it a waste?


  1. oh backup polishes... i always feel like i need them.
    however, i only have a backup of 3 polishes - i have 2 bottles of my favorite pink (sally hansen xtreme wear power pink - you can afford backups from sally hansen! ha!) and i have 2 bottles of wet n wild black creme for stamping - again affordable! i'll need to get another bottle or 2 of that sometime.
    and i bought 2 bottles of black shatter. just because. haha!

    oh and i have 2 bottles of china glaze recycle because the ebay seller sent me 2 by accident! lol!

    i ALWAYS think i'm going to need backups of everything but really... i have so many bottles. i'll never use it all!
    i wish i had backups of all my opi glitters.

  2. Like Rebecca, I almost always feel like I need a backup, but I only buy them if I am madly in love with the color. I only have backups of a select few polishes.

  3. I thought it was just me! I think I need back ups of every color I like. I never actually need them because it not like I go thru a polish quick when you have so many. I only have back ups for like 5 colors

    Rebecca: I bought 2 of black shatter too! then I got China Glaze black mesh so the back up bottle was the one I gave away in my giveaway. I have like 3 wet N wild black creme 1 for stamping, one for nails and the back up lol..

  4. This colour looks stunning on you.

  5. OMG this is the perfect bright pink color for summer! I love it

  6. I think any holographic or purple polish i would buy backups. This pink is so bright!! awesome color for summer!