Sunday, May 29, 2011

Colorful Tips

My nails have finally gotten a little stronger and haven't broke as much. So I finally have tips so I decided to do a colorful french. I picked out the following polishes for my colorful tips.

China Glaze Towel boy toy
Sinful colors pink
Sinful colors neon melon
Color Club the Lime start here
Sally Girl glitter
Sally Girl neon orange

Started off with a basic french then added a coat of glitter and lastly added 2 coat of each color on the tips. I love how it came out even though my Hubby said it look like a ghetto girl manicure.

I actually got a couple of compliments from people. What do you guys think? Is it to much?


  1. This is fun! I love what what your hubby said too...boys say the funniest things when it comes to polish... :P

  2. Lol that's funny . I like tips though . They're cute .

  3. i think it's cute!
    if only my poor nails weren't so stained. haha

  4. LOL -Your "ghetto girl" mani is super cute!! I want all those color so I can duplicate it ^_^

  5. Really like it!!! It's cool and refreshing!! :)