Friday, November 5, 2010

A gift for me, my girls, and a special blogger...

A couple of days ago I got a lovely gift from my old co-worker. She found out we had a Nail art class at my job with my older girls so she had some nail stuff laying around the house that she didn't use or have a need for so she gave it to us. She gave us 4 of everything below but the Nailene nails.

Incoco dry nail applique, Kiss nail art polishes
Neon yellow/orange, Nailene Nails and Kiss Nail File

My girls were nice enough to give me one of each since it was for them. They are also giving away everything you see here except the nails to their favorite blogger Lois from NailYorkCity. My lovely girls have been very blessed to receive many donations and grants for their nail art class. A special thanks to Jessica Kong from Wowsocool for the generous gift certificate to her site. We just received our package and they absolutely cant wait till Wednesday (the day the class meets). Thanks! They are now gonna give back by sending a package to Lois from NailYorkCity.

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