Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi all,

This week I hauled a good amount of polishes but the majority of them have not arrived yet should be coming in hopefully tomorrow, I cant wait! The ones I am showing you today I picked up at my local Rite Aid, CVS and the others I stumble upon while shopping in Forever 21 (I didn't even know they sold nail polish I guess everyone is giving a shot at it).

1st up is part of the limited edition Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes, Starry, Starry Flight. That has to be the longest name ever! I first saw this polishes swatched on The Nailphile I absolutely loved it! I already had a fav. silver glitter which was Sally Hansen Extreme wear Celeb city but this one blew that one out the water. It was opaque in 3 thin coats, it wasn't at all lumpy,dries really quick and last long. This one is a must have!!!

2nd Milani Neon fresh teal: I haven't had a chance to wear this one because Starry, Starry flight has held up so well. I love teal polishes and a neon teal polish sounds good to me. This polish you are suppose to use a white base color for the teal color to pop (actually say it on the label). I cant wait to use it with a nice nail art design.

3 and 4 Love & Beauty (Forever 21 polish) No name and Camel:

I had to get these 2 polishes because I don't have anything that looks like either one of these. Camel is a little darker then a nude it reminds me of OPI Barefoot in Barcelona which I had but it got lost in the move so why not get a cheaper version on it. The other didn't have a price tag so no name on it. I really like this one it has really thin holo glitter and a great plum color. These polishes are about $3 and they have a variety of colors these are the only ones that stood out to me.

Finally 2 silver holo glitters. Snowman and Wet N' Wild Wild Shine Cheers
I got these because I gave the holo glitter I did have away while I was in search of Starry, Starry Flight I found these 2 and I couldn't decide so I got them both. I swatched them on my nail wheel and I liked the snowman better because it has more glitter and dries faster(its cuter too). Ill probably end up giving away the other one. I got these at Rite Aid and they both cost under $2.That's all for this week cant wait till my package gets delivered so I can show you the wonderful polishes I got!

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