Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOTD. Marquee Moon

Marquee is my 2nd Lippmann collection polish I picked this one up at Nordstrom and as you probably know these polishes are very pricey so I had to beg my boyfriend to allow me to get it. I let him pick the polish it was this one or Across the Universe. He picked Marquee Moon because he thought I didn't have a silver polish (which I do but whatever gets me another polish works for me) Ill be back for the other one next week.

Marque Moon has a metallic silver base with large silver sequins that is opaque in 2 coats. The sequins make this polish a little hard to work with but as long you don't go over the same spot right away you should be fine. I didn't know that at first so I was dragging the sequins off my nail. The unique things about this polish is that you will never gets the same amount of sequins on each nail and this was what Deborah Lippmann intended.

(sorry for the bad quality picture I couldn't find my camera)

After applying the polish I decided to make it a little more glittery so I wanted to try out China Glaze Wireless Holographic top coat.

Still wasn't satisfied so I added a little Konad design on my ring finger from
 Image plate M79 with Konad white special polish

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  1. That design on the ring finger is beautiful! What a pretty nail polish combination with the top coat and all. :)