Monday, November 22, 2010


This past week I didn't buy any polishes because I was only gonna buy 2 Lippmann polishes from Nordstrom on Saturday but unfortunately that didn't happen. So instead I took a trip out to Ulta which the whole time that Ulta had been there I had never gone in. Ulta is great they had all brands of polishes in one stop! and I got some great deals I even got a OPI start to finish coat for free for spending $17 of OPI products which is very easy to do. I got all these polishes from Ulta, Walgreens, American Apparel and a lovely eBay seller.

Shrek-Tacular minis (*)
*What's with the cattitude?
*Fiercely Fiona
*Rumple's Wiggin
*Who the Shrek Are You?
Funky Donkey
Mad as a Hatter
Absolutely Alice
Simmer & Shimmer
Thanks so Muchness!
Off with her Red!
Start to Finish ($12 polish for Free)

I've been wanting the Shrek collection for a while but not sure which ones so I thought I could test theses out to make my selection I knew I had to have Funky Donkey. I got 2 glitters from The Burlesque collection and after buying all of this from Ulta I got the base/top coat for free. I also got 4 polishes from the Alice and wonderland collection which the 2 glitters are extremely hard to find and go for alot. I got lucky and found a lovey eBay seller that was selling all 4 from less then $40 which is a deal because Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice go for at least $45 together.

                                                                       Wet N' Wild

Black Creme x2
White creme
Rudolph (with top coat)
Prancer (with top coat) x2
Dancer (with top coat)

These's are all from Walgreen they are $0.99-$1.99 each as you see I got more then one of the Black creme and of Prancer, I like to get back ups of good cheap polishes just in case they stop selling them or something happens to my bottles. The black creme gotta be the best black polish ever it covers in one coat! Prancer I'm going to use to make a Franken that will be a dupe of Lippmanns Ruby Red Slippers.

                              American Apparel/Essence
American Apparel Summer Peach
American Apparel Malibu green
American Apparel Butter
Essence Fivepocket grey
Essence High Waist pink

Essence polishes came from Ulta for pretty cheap I was gonna get the whole Denim Wanted collection but I decided on 2 a grey polish which is my 1st and a pretty pink. Sunday I took a trip to Newbury St. in Boston I had to go into American Apparel and get the polishes on my wish list. I had to buy the Butter tester because it was the last one and I had to have it! They had a sale 3 for $15.

NYC Flat Iron green
Orly Purple Crush mini
Sinful Colors mini collection (*)
*Canary Yellow
*Love nails
*Let's Talk
*San Francisco
*Sugar Sugar
Hello Kitty nail polish and stickers
Nicole by OPI Bring on the tinsel

I love mini polish they come in handy when your on the go. This is the 1st time I seen sinful colors in mini bottles they jumped on the band wagon too I see. NYC polish is horrible very watery still kinda like the polish but I'm probably gonna get rid of it as soon as I get a polish of the same color. The Hello kitty polish I got was just for the stickers and the hello kitty figure. Nicole by OPI Bring on the tinsel Ive been searching for this polish for the past 2 weeks and I finally found it when I went to Ulta after reading a blogger say she got it at Ulta. That's all I got in this past weekend I really think I got a serious problem! Running out of space to put all these polishes.


  1. OHMYGOSH that's the GREATEST haul EVER! Abselutely Alice and Mad as A Hatter? Aaahh I want those so bad! And those 3 AA polishes? Heaven! <33

  2. Yea I think I went a little crazy with this haul. The ebay seller actually has 25 more lots of the Alice and Wonderland collection for a great price, Ill probably get two more for a back up and a future swap ;) as soon as your mom lets you buy polish again! The AA polishes are great! Im starting to get more pastels next is the Orly sweet collection.

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