Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NOTD OPI Jade is the new black and Nubar 2010

I actually don't like green that much but when I seen OPI Jade is the new black I kinda fell in love with the color I couldn't wait to use it. It applied great it was beautiful  in 2 coats.

I wanted to add a little something to it but I wasn't sure what. I was gonna Konad it and while I was getting my supplies I ran into my Nubar 2010 so I thought why not lets add some flakies.

2 coats of OPI Jade is the new black and 2 coats of Nubar 2010

Love this combination it reminds me of the Boston Celtic my home Basketball team. Go Celtics!


  1. Gorgeous. Thanks for swatching these - I have both and haven't even opened them yet, terrible, I know *off to go sit in the corner* :-)

  2. no problem. ok i yhink your timeout is over :)lol

  3. i'm not crazy about greens either but i have been wanting this one! it looks good on your nails. p.s. i recently tagged you in an award:

  4. check out the giveaway

  5. Beautiful :)

    I'm a new follower BTW, I love how you are holding your EOS lipbalm :) I have the same exact one and I LOVE it!!!!! ^_^

  6. Thanks ladies..

    Kelly: Thanks Yes I absolutely love them I go thru them in a month this is my 3 one and I love lemon drop better then the rest.

  7. Hi! I love the green nails!

    just followed this blog, hope you can drop by @ Lyza's Lane http://lyzacruz88.blogspot.com