Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Haul!

I have a whole bunch of stuff to show you that Ive gotten since my last haul post. First up is my new little army of Zoya polishes I ended up getting 9 because I used the code 3 times with different accounts thanks to my cousin and boyfriend. These are the first in my collection.

(Right to Left)
* Shivon * Crystal * Valerie
* Cheryl * Indigo * Adina
* Happi * Perrie * Robyn

I will be buying more Zoya from  now on as well as the Color Lock System to get the best out of these. I had an unfortunate thing happen to one of my bottles in the shipping process my baby Crystal came damaged and spilling its was too bad take a look.

Next up is the very popular OPI Katy Perry Collection I managed to get 4 out of 5 of them before they were sold out. I pre-ordered Black Shatter from Mbeauty lounge and the other I had my local Ulta put whatever polishes they had of the collection left on hold. I got there and unfortunately I am missing The one that got away and it did literally.

* Last Friday Night * Not like the movies * Teenage Dream * Black Shatter

Now for some beauties I picked up at the drugstore some are from Rite Aid and some are from Walgreens. I have been struggling to keep my nails long and healthy but I change polish so often that my nails are weak and are always breaking I am going to be testing out Total Nail Rx see if it works for my nails.

Jesse's Girl Confetti (old rectangle tops)
Borgehese Mediterranoe sea
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Collide-O-Scope
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Fly with me
Total Nail Rx

I received a Hot Topics gift card a while ago and I finally decided to use it and on the website they had the mini nail sets for 98 cents so I could resist on getting 2 of each, one for me and they other for a future giveaway. Then I took my usual trip to Dollar Tree I found sets LA Colors Nail Dazzling its polish and glitter I ended up getting every color they had.

I saved the best for last as you all probably know the Hello Kitty by Sephora collection has been released at stores and online. I was unable to purchase anything when they had the preview event for Beauty Insiders and I'm glad I waited. Ive been able to see swatches and comparisons of the polishes and to me out of the whole collection only one polish was worth the $10 they each go for and that was Purple Sprinkles. I also bought some HK decals and since I use my Beauty Insider card often I had more then 100 point and I receive the Hello Kitty Travel perfume for free!

Aren't they soo CUTE!!!

That's all for now still waiting on some Essie's I ordered and the release of the China Glaze crackle collection. 


  1. What an amazing haul! Following your example I also got wayyy too many Zoyas due to their promo. They didn't arrive until after I had come back to school though, ughh, I can't wait to see them! The colors you picked are gorgeous! I can't wait to see swatches of all of these! Aww, and I love the Hello Kitty one!

  2. hahhhahah! I did that too :) good picks! cute hello kitty

  3. Thanks Ladies! Im gonna try to so one zoya every week 1st up is Adina. What polishes did you guys end up picking? I see what other people picked and kick myself for not getting that one lol..

  4. mygosh I love your haul!! So sorry for Crystal :( SO jealous, haha!

  5. Thank you! Im a little worried about crystal I think she might get dried up because of that missing piece. Well whenever you can we can do a swap :)