Saturday, January 8, 2011

Original Crakle polish Cover Girl Crackle

So it is now a new year and I can haul polishes all I want and I sure have in the past week! Yesterday was my birthday so I had birthday money and no one could tell me anything. I did my usual trips to my go to Nail Supply stores. I stopped at Dollar Tree and I found something I thought I would never see. I found a whole selection of Cover Girl Nail polish in Duo sets and while going through the them I found some with a crackle polish. Cover Girl made these crackle polishes over 10 years ago so I wasn't sure if they would even work. I bought them anyways because its only a $1 so why not. The looked funny the formula had split so I gave it a good shaking and rolling and got it to be all one color and look what I got.

As you can see the crackle look blue, black and grey before

After shaking and rolling it It looks completely black.

This is Cover Girl Boo Hou! They are other colors all seem to be Halloween themed.

Didn't think they would work but as you can see they did!
Here it is on my test wheel over different polishes. It actually worked best with the Cover Girl polish it came with which was the light frosty yellow Cover Girl Sunkissed. It took a while for it to finish cracking all the way but it was super strong after it didn't flake off like my other crackle polishes. It didn't even need a top coat it was strong and shiny.

So if you have a Dollar Tree near by please go check it out its great to own old polishes like these since everyone seems to be making them now. I actually cant wait to get the OPI black shatter and the China Glaze crackle collection to be released! 

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  1. cool! i had the blue crackle one wayy back when. what a cool find.