Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GOSH Holographic

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of post but Ive been extremely busy at work planning for our members February vacation program. During this time I still managed to haul polishes and paint my nails here and there. The most exciting polish I got and its been on my wish list for a while is GOSH Holographic. I finally just sucked it up and paid a ridiculous price for it on eBay.

GOSH holographic is kinda thick and clumpy and needs 3 coats to be completely even and opaque. I didn't mind that because the polish dries super fast and I usually do 3 coats of most holo polishes. I applied Seche Vite as my top coat which was a big mistake because it kinda ruins the holo effect and I actually ruined my pinky because I dragged the top coat to hard so I got a bald spot. On to the picture theses are all indoor there hasn't been much sun lately due to the horribly cold weather in Boston.

The bottle is kinda of small compared to China Glaze and OPI,
its about the same size as a Seche vite bottle (you can see a little bit of the bottle)

Looks soo much better in the sunlight the holo effect is super strong!

I think it was worth the price I paid because it is such an eye catcher and there's nothing else like this. I LOVE LOVE this polish and I wish I had a back up bottle just in case.


  1. It IS such a beautiful polish, isn't it!

  2. Yes it is! I love it I would wear this all the time if I had a back up of it.

  3. I have this one, too, it's amazing! So much holo-goodness!