Thursday, January 27, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

Today I had a community service project to go to and my nails had some crazy glitter and I was gonna be mingling with alot of important people like Boston's Governor Deval Patrick and I wanted more of a demure mani. I picked out one of my new polishes a pastel by Sally Hansen it is part of the newer Xtreme wear. I love this color and it was great to apply! For most of my pastel it takes about 3 coats and usually are really streaky but this lovely was actually a one coater. I liked the color but I don't like boring manis so I added some konad and stamped a diamond plaid pattern on M60 with  Konads white special polish.

Now while at the event my service project was at Cradles to Crayons Giving Factory and we were in charge of sorting books and checking the quality of them. While busy on our tasks one girl came up to me and asked how i did my nails and I told her and later on she came showed me something she thought I would find interesting. Take a look

                                                     Pencil Lead Nail Polish
"With pencil lead nail polish, you'll be carrying ten pencils with you at all times. No more frustration while you paw through drawers and under couch cushions. You'll be fashionable and functional, right down to your fingers."

Is that not the coolest thing ever! I wish they had such a thing like pencil lead polish I would buy it and always have one nail painted because I can never find something to write with. This was found in the Book below.

That all for today I have a huge haul post coming up!

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