Sunday, October 17, 2010


It is now the end of the week so I would like to show you what I have acquired this week. Something are non brand polishes that were given to me so I don't know much about them.

The 1st thing is theses really cute polishes for kids. This was a gift for my kids at work that are trying to get their nail art class together. The polishes are suppose to be able to come off with soup and water but I tried and there's was no way it was coming off that easy.

Love that they are shaped Ice cream cones

Next up is a set of glitters I found in Marshalls. I thought they were cute so I bought them they looked like they could just be something I use to add some glitter to a nail art design. I get a lot of small mini bottles like this just to use them for nail art where I just dip my nail brushes in. I swatched them on my nail wheel and I really liked the colors and how they applied. I ended up wearing the Dark Pink color for a couple days and it held up ok for a no brand polish that the set of 7 cost $2.99.

Blush (7 glitter set) 

Today I decided to stop by the Dollar store on my way to Sally's Beauty Supplies and to my surprise I found polishes that I wouldn't expect to be there. I found a whole section of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in duos. These polishes are kinda old so can image my shock when I seen a whole bunch of them in pairs for just a DOLLAR!! I had to get atleast one I got Diamond and Pink Pearl I also picked up L.A. Colors Color Craze Atomic.
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond and Pink Pearl
L.A. Colors Color Craze Atomic

Finally I made it to Sally's Beauty supplies to buy some Pure Acetone because I was all out! I ended up getting a 946 ML/32 FL. OZ. bottle of Pure acetone for $4.99. I didn't need that much but that was a great deal I wont have to buy more for a while!! Anyways while I was there I picked up China Glaze Foxy out of the clearance bin for $1.99 then picked up a bright pink Sally Girl polish and Little Gold holographic stars.

Sally Girl Bright Pink
China Glaze Foxy
Holographic gold stars

Thats all for this week, swatches for some of this polishes coming soon hopefully. I got a big order from this week that I cant wait for!

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