Friday, October 22, 2010

Ruffian Manicure

I wanted to share with you guys my 1st attempt in the Ruffian Manicure. I really love the look and I decided to try it this week. So I seen a lot of people use french guides to make it easier to achieve this look but my package with my french guides hadn't arrived. I started off by painting my nails with China Glaze 2030 then I wanted a little bit of sparkle to I added a little bit of China Glaze Medallion. Then came the hard part I wanted to paint the rest of my nails in a black matte and the only one I had was O.P.I. Obscurity in the mini bottle. This mini bottle was good and bad, bad because the brush is tiny and doesn't hold too much polish and good because the bottle is small enough I could just dip a nail art brush to be more precises. 

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