Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nail wheels

 At first I didn't think I needed to purchase nail wheels, I always thought that was just something that salons should have but as I started to acquire more and more polishes thats when I realized maybe I should. I started off by buying like 3 from Trans Design an Etailler that sell things for cheaper they cost 75 cents each. I thought that was a good price at the time. When I ran out of room on my nail wheels I decided to look else where to buy my nail wheels. I went on eBay and found great prices for package deals like 10 nails wheels for $4 plus free gift. That sounded great to me so I bought it and of course with all great deal on eBay it had to be from Hong Kong. The estimated shipping is 9-14 days, I always buy stuff from Hong Kong and they usually take about a week. I week goes by nothing, 2 weeks nothing and coming up on 3 weeks and I still didn't receive anything. I got impatient and went out and bought nail wheels from Sally's Beauty supplies and this is what I bought:

I got these's at Sally's it came in a package of 10 for about $5. They are very thin and easily broken, they are so thin I bet you cant tell that in the picture there's actually 5 nail wheels stacked. As you can see the nail wheel only has 18 nails to paint and are very small!

I still wanted the nail wheels I ordered form Hong Kong so I contacted the seller and she reasured me that i will receive the nail wheels and that it just takes time. The very next day I checked the mail and their they where.

Now these are much thicker, nails are wider and are attached directly to the wheel unlike the others. This nail wheel is exactly like the ones I purchased on Trans Design which they sell 1=$0.75+ shipping  and these were 10= $4.00.

Here is the comparison of both wheels. I definitely think it is worth buying these on eBay and just waiting for them because they are so much of a better deal .


  1. Thanks for this post! I've been buying the flimsier ones 10/$3.00 at a nail supply place and didn't realize there were any sturdier ones out there.

  2. Your very welcome! 10 for $3 actually isnt that bad but i guess for a dollar more you can get better quality.